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High Quality SC APC fiber optic cables by OMC

OMC is a well-known name in the SC APC fiber optic cable industry. Since the establishment of the company, it has been providing high-quality FTTH Products, FTTX Pre Connectorized Products, Patch Cord Pigtail, MPO MTP Products, Fiber Management Products, Fiber Accessories, FTTH Installation Accessories, and Fiber Tools.

Reliable sc apc patch cord for data centers

Our SC APC patch cord is commonly used in telecommunications and data center environments for high-speed data transmission over long distances, ensuring minimal signal loss and maintaining signal integrity. These SC APC patch cords are constructed from durable materials such as ceramic ferrules, high-grade plastic, and robust fiber optic cables. It can withstand repeated mating and unmating cycles, bending, and pulling without compromising its performance or structural integrity. Along with that SC APC patch cords are designed to withstand environmental factors such as temperature fluctuations, humidity, and exposure to dust or contaminants. This ensures reliable performance in diverse operating conditions, including outdoor or harsh environments.

Aside from their durability, they are compatible with a wide range of products. These SC APC fiber optic cables are designed to mate with SC APC connectors, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. They adhere to industry standards for connector dimensions and specifications to ensure compatibility with other equipment and infrastructure.

SC APC patch cord
SC APC fiber optic cable

Low signal loss and excellent quality

Our SC APC fiber optic cables have a low insertion loss, to ensure that the majority of the signal reaches its destination without significant attenuation. The SC APC connectors are polished at an angle to reduce back reflection. This angled polish improves the quality of the connection by minimizing reflections that can cause signal loss and interference.

Talking about the quality of our SC APC patch cords, they are market standards and have ROHS, CE, OMC ISO, and many more certificates. To ensure quality, all of the products have to go through a strict quality control method. If any product fails the pass the quality check, it is not sent to the customers.

First-class customization and after-sales service

One of the best things about OMC is our customization capability. Aside from cataloged items including SC APC fiber optic cables, we also provide customization services to meet customer requirements. We have a team of highly skilled workforce who have years of experience in customization.

Aside from these services, OMC also provides outstanding after sell service and and warranty. These policies are mostly in the customer’s favor to provide the best possible service.

To learn more about our SC APC patch cord, or to order our SC APC fiber optic cables, please email us at or contact us at +86-0752-3894889.

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