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The science and art of Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel

What is Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel?

Rack mount fiber patch panel is a kind of fiber management equipment which used in datacenter, network room and other places. It could ensure the high-efficiency and stability of optical communication through fixing, protecting and connecting the optical fibers. Rack mount fiber patch panels are often made by metal and plastic, with a design of module that could be adjusted and expanded according your need.

What’s the composition and functions of Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel?

It is composed by the following 5 parts:

1: Optical patch panel: the basement, load the accessories, splice tray and pigtails;

2: Optical adapter: connect both fibers, usually fixed on the frame of optical patch panel. There are some normal types like SC, LC, ST and so on;

3: Optical pigtails: connect the adapter and main fiber cable, usually hide and are fixed inside of the Optical patch panel;

4: Splice protect sleeve: protect the splice point from physical damage;

5: Fix accessory: fix the adapters and pigtails stably.

It has the following 4 functions:

1: Fiber cable management: manage the fiber in order and avoid the confusion and cross;

2: Signal transmission: ensuring stable transmission of fiber optic signals;

3: Easy maintenance: convenient for fiber optic access, removal, and replacement;

4: Scalability: can be flexibly expanded according to network requirements.

rack mount fiber patch panel

Where is the Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel used in?

1: Data center: As the important point of data transmission, it requires high-density and highly reliable fiber optic connections;

2: Network center: used for fiber optic connections between network devices to improve network stability and transmission speed;

3: Telecommunications operator: used in the construction of broadband network to achieve long-distance fiber optic communication;

4: Enterprise network: Internal network connection within a company, especially in situations where large amounts of data transmission are required.

optical patch panel

What is the LGX patch panel?

LGX means Light Guide Cross-connect, a type of fiber optical patch panel which has a standard size of 130*29mm. It’s a kind of Optical patch panel, also the key components of fiber patch panel.

What’s the features of LGX patch panel?

LGX patch panel is a standardized, modular, high-density fiber optic connection solution. It has several advantages, such as a clear front door which is easy to open and remove, large and non-worn-out cable outlet ports, customizable high-density bulkhead options, splice trays and pigtail fan outs prepared for wiring and bulkhead on the back.

Through the above introduction, we could understand that Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel are an indispensable part of modern communication networks. They support the needs of high-speed data transmission by providing stable and efficient fiber optic connections. With the development of technology, Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel are constantly being optimized and upgraded to adapt to higher speed and larger capacity network communication.

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