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IP67 Waterproof NSN LC To LC Fiber Optic Cable-Ideal Solution

Background of NSN patch cord

With the rapid development of optical communication networks, the application scope of fiber optic SM patch cords is becoming wider and wider. Reinforced fiber optic patch cords are specially designed for wiring systems in extremely harsh environments. They can resist the erosion of oil or chemicals, have a wide temperature operating range or rodent-proof and waterproof capabilities.

Advantage of IP67 waterproof fiber optic patch cord

IP67 waterproof fiber optic SM patch cord meets the IP66/67 environmental sealing level and complies with the Open Device Vendors Association (ODVA) standard. Among them, IP (Ingress Protection Rating) means the protection ability of optical fiber against solid and liquid things. The first digit after IP refers to the solid protection level, ranging from 0-6, indicating protection from large particles to dust; the second digit is the liquid protection level, indicating protection from vertical water drops to underwater pressure. The larger the number, the higher the liquid protection level will be. Based on the type of connectors, IP67 waterproof fiber optic patch cord can be divided into IP67 MTP/MPO waterproof optical cable, IP67 LC to LC fiber optic cable etc and among these products, NSN LC is most common and popular. IP67 waterproof SM patch cord has a rodent-proof function and is suitable for use in communication towers and CATV (community antenna television), industry, FTTA or other harsh environments to provide protection for the network.

lc to lc fiber optic cable

Division of waterproof fiber optic patch cord-based on connectors

According to the different fiber optic connectors, fiber optic SM patch cords can be classified into MPO/MTP/SC, LC to LC fiber optic cable and NSN LC patch cords. Although these fiber optic patch cords are made with different connectors, but they have similar components (consisting of connectors and optical cables) and the same functions and their different characteristics and performances can be used in differences in application scenarios. The most popular one is LC to LC fiber optic cable

lc to lc fiber optic cable

Industrial fiber optic patch cord

Industrial-grade fiber optic patch cords are made of SUS spring tube, Kevlar synthetic fiber, braided layer and TPU jacket, which have the advantages of impact resistance, pressure resistance and good flexibility. Its bending resistance, wear resistance, flame retardancy and oil resistance also make it very suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, such as industrial environments that require fast wiring or repeated retraction and use.

Deploying industrial-grade fiber optic patch cords is considered to be a relatively fast and effective solution in industrial environments, as it is very suitable for emergency communications, broadcasting and television, emergency rescue through fiber optic communications, mining and other outdoor applications that avoid moisture, chemicals and corrosive gases.

lc to lc fiber optic cable


Reinforced LC to LC fiber optic cable play an important role in wiring in harsh environments such as mining, humidity, and long-term chemical corrosion. They can be deployed not only in indoor data centers, but also in outdoor industrial environments. IP67 NSN LC patch cords can be used in these environments. You can choose the appropriate fiber optic patch cord according to your specific needs.

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