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OMC MTP-LC Fanout Cable 12F/24F for Data Center


OMC MTP-LC Fanout Cable—Versatile and reliable data center choice

High performance connectors and fiber optics

High-quality components are the core advantage of OMC’s MTP-LC harness cable jumper series. The US Conec MTP connectors used in these MTP-LC fanout cable patch cords have the advantages of low insertion loss, excellent optical performance and space saving, and are fully compatible with MPO connectors. At the same time, the MTP jumper also uses Corning optical fiber, which has excellent bending and compression resistance. High-quality connectors and optical fibers ensure stable and reliable data transmission. By partnering with well-known and trusted brands, OMCMTP fiber optic patch cords ensure reliable performance and excellent user experience.

LC connectors are manufactured and tested in compliance with TIA 604 (FOCIS), IEC 61754 and YD/T industry standards. Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, and High-Speed Fiber Channel are available with either multimode fiber or single-mode fiber. Each connector undergoes rigorous parameter testing to ensure the highest network performance.

MTP-LC harness cable


MTP-LC Breakout Patch Cable

MTP-LC fanout cable patch cord is equipped with an MTP connector, which can be branched into multiple LC connectors.The products can be 4C MTP-LC fanout cable, 8C MTP-LC harness cable or 12C MTP-LC breakout cable and the 12C MTP-LC is the most common one . Also the connector type can be LC, SC, ST, etc., and multi-core jumpers can be Connectors for converting wires into simplex or duplex. MTP branch jumpers are available in single-mode and multi-mode. The transmission distance can be extended from a few meters to longer distances. It is an ideal choice for 10G-40G, 25G-100G, and 10G-120G network conversion.

In summary, the OMC MTP-LC fanout cable patch cord product line is ideal for high-speed data center applications. Its extensive product system, including MTP trunk patch cords, MTP-LC harness cable patch cords, and MTP conversion patch cords, can meet the various needs of data centers. With its outstanding performance, the OMC MTP fiber optic patch cord is a reliable and efficient solution for high-density links in data centers.

MTP-LC harness cable
MTP-LC harness cable
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