Pullable PRE-Connectorized Mini SCAPC-Bullet SCAPC FTTH Drop patch cable 2×5.2mm

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It’s a kind of FTTH patch cord assembly with Fig 8 Self-supporting Aerial FTTH Drop Cable. One end is Mini SC APC waterproof connector, Anoth-er end is a Bullet SC APC Ferrule be assembled with Metal dust cap with rotatable front section. This is a OMC’s Own Patent Mini SCAPC Housing kits can be assembled together with the ferrule after it thread though a Pipe with Inner Diameter>6mm. This is a last cable in FTTH project. Used widely between Fact plate, terminal box, ONU/ONT tec. With easy acces-sibility to the fiber and simple installation, FTTH cable can be directly con-nected to the homes.



Patch cord’s Optical Specifications

Connector Mini IP(SC)-Bullet SC Polish APC-APC
Fiber Mode 9/125μm, G657A2 Jacket Color Black
Cable OD 5.2(±0.2)*2.0(±0.1) mm Wavelength SM:1310/1550nm
Cable Structure Simplex Jacket Material LSZH
Insertion loss ≤0.3dB(IEC Grade C1) Return loss SM APC ≥ 60dB(min)
Operation Temperature -10 ~ +70°C Install&Storage temperature -40 ~ +70°C


End-face Quality (SM)

Zone Range (μm) Scratches Defects Reference
A: Core 0 to 25 None None IEC 61300-3
B: Cladding 25 to 115 None None
C: Adhesive 115 to 135 None None
D: Contact 135 to 250 None None
E: Rest of ferrule None None



Test Procedure
Mechanical Test  (IEC 60794-1-21) Tensile performance and  elongation, Method:E1
Compression Method:E3
Impact, Method:E4
Repeated bending, Method:E6
Torsion, Method:E7
Bending performance, Method:E11
Environmental Test (IEC 60794-1-22) Temperature cycling, Method :F1
Ageing, Method :F9
Water penetration, Method:F5
Optical Test Attenuation & point discontinuities  (Backscattering)
Telcordia GR-326 Insertion Loss
Telcordia GR-326 Return Loss
Telcordia GR-326 Interferometry of Connectors
Telcordia GR-326 ( Flex Test
Telcordia GR-326 ( Twist Test
Telcordia GR-326 ( Proof Test
Telcordia GR-326 ( Transmission with Applied Tensile  Load


Cable Technical Data

FTTH outdoor Aerial Drop Cable uses Fig 8 flat structure, whose optical fiber unit is positioned in the center. One stranded steel message wire, Two parallel KFRP strength members are placed at the two sides. Then, the cable is com-pleted with LSZH sheath. Fig 8 FTTH Drop cable has a much greater bandwidth to carry data and less susceptible to interference than common indoor fiber cables. With small diameter, water-resistant, soft and bendable characteristics, it’s easy to deploy and maintenance.

Item Contents Unit Value
   Optical Fiber Fiber count / 1C (single mode) G657A2 Blue
Strength member Material / KFEP
Diameter mm 0.5
Messenger wire Material / stranded galvanized steel wire (40g/m²)
Diameter mm (7*0.4mm)-1.2
Outer jacket Diameter mm 5.2(±0.2)*2.0(±0.1)
Material / LZSH with UV/≥0.4mm
Color / Black
Tensile performance Short term N 600
Long term N 300
    Crush Short term N/100mm 2200
Long term N/100mm 1000
Cable attenuation dB/km ≦ 0.35 at 1310nm, ≦ 0.21 at 1550nm
Cable weight (Approx.) kg/km 21
Friction coefficient / <0.5
Marking Interval / Every 1 meter
COMPLIANCE / ITU-T G.657 A2, IEC 60794-1-21; IEC 60794-1-22, Method, F5
Min. bending radius (without messenger) mm Static: 20mm; Dynamic: 40mm
Life time Year 25
Operating Wave Length nm 1310nm, 1550nm
Test Wave Length nm 1310nm, 1550nm


G657A2 Fiber Technical Data

No. 1
Color Blue
Item Unit Specification
G. 657A2
Mode field diameter 1310nm mm 8.6 ± 0.4
1550nm mm 9.6 ± 0.5
Cladding diameter mm 125.0 ± 0.7
Cladding non-circularity % £1.0
Core concentricity error mm £0.5
Coating diameter mm 242 ± 7
Coating/cladding concentricity error mm £12
Cable cut-off wavelength nm £ 1260
λ Operation nm 1270-1610
Chromatic dispersion parameter λ0 min nm 1300
λ0 max nm 1324
S0 min ps/(nm²xkm) 0.073
S0 max ps/(nm²xkm) 0.092
Attenuation Coefficient 1310nm dB/km £0.35
1550nm dB/km £0.21
Proof stress level kpsi ≥100
Item Standard Specification
Optical IEC 60793-1-40 1310nm 1550nm
≤0.35dBkm ≤0.22dBkm
IEC 60793-1-40 Points of discontinuity ≤0.05 dB
IEC 60793-1-40 Losses due to macro curvatures ≤0.05 dB
IEC 60793-1-42 Chromatic dispersion 115Ci-4.25^12Bq
IEC 60793-1-48 PMD 0.1ps/km½


Additional Mechanical and Optical Performance only for Cable

Mechanical IEC-60794-1-21-E8 ≤0.1dB  No superficial or   internal damage
Optical IEC 60793-1-40 1300nm 1550nm
≤0.35dBkm ≤0.22dBkm
IEC 60793-1-40 Points of discontinuity ≤0.05 dB
IEC 60793-1-40 Losses due to macro curvatures ≤0.05 dB
IEC 60793-1-42 Chromatic dispersion 115Ci-4.25^12Bq
IEC 60793-1-48 PMD 0.1ps/km½


Products Material-Bullet SC APC 3.0mm Connector

OMC’s Own Patent Bullet SCAPC connector
1,Bullet with pulling eye
2,Ferrule Cap
3+4,Housing Body
8,Crimp Ring

Pulling Eye Force >50N
Diameter 6.3mm
Boot 3.0mm
Drop cable Found cable:3.0mm   Flat cable 2x3mm;2x.5.0mm


Products Material-Mini IP SC APC Connector



SC/APC  Connector
SC/APC dust cover black
SC/APC outer housing black
SC/APC boot black
Drop Cable Found cable:3.0mm-5.0mm      Flat cable: 2x3mm;2x.5.0mm
Housing Component Fastconnect  outer  housing in black


Products Material-Ferrule


Application-BulletSC APC connector
1, Suit for
Pipe with Inner Diameter>6.5mm

3, How to Assembly it in FTTH construction site?


Length Tolerance

Overall Length(L) (m) length of tolerance (cm)
10<L<40 +15/-0
40<L +0.5% x L/-0

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