1. OMC INDUSTRY was established in 2007 for exporting business

2. SHENZHEN FENGLIN was established in 2010, started manufacturing fiber cable assemblies and cable. In 2021, move the pre terminated factory to Sichuan and

  established SICHUAN OMC, only cable factory in SHENZHEN and the factory closed temporarily in Sep 2023.

3. SHENZHEN OMC was established in 2019, sales office for exporting business

4. SICHUAN OMC, also called SICHUAN FENGLIN,(Fenglin is the transliteration of its Chinese name) was established in 2021 for fiber cable assemblies.

5. GUANGDONG OMC, new production base that will be put into use in Jan 2024 for Cable, fiber cable assemblies and box production.

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