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8F OM3 ST-ST armored patch cord
SC-SC SM Uni-tube Duplex armored patch cord
FC-ST Armored Patch cord
Simplex armored patch cord

OMC’s Armored Patch Cord Advantages

What is an Armored Patch Cord

An armored patch cord, also known as an armored fiber patch cable or armored fiber cable, is a type of optical fiber cable enhanced with protective shielding. It is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide added durability and protection for optical fiber connections.

Applications of Armored Patch Cords

Armored patch cords find wide application in various industries and settings. They are commonly used in telecommunications, data centers, industrial automation, and outdoor networking environments. The rugged construction makes them ideal for applications where cable protection is crucial, such as in underground installations, exposed areas, or where there is a risk of physical damage.

armored fiber patch cable

How to Choose an Armored Patch Cord

When selecting an armored patch cord, several factors should be considered. Look for cables with high-quality optical fibers for optimal signal transmission. The cable’s shielding effectiveness, durability, and compatibility with existing systems are also important. Additionally, consider the cable’s bend radius and flexibility to ensure ease of installation and maintenance.

OMC’s Armored Patch Cord Advantages

At OMC, we take pride in producing armored patch cords that offer several distinct advantages. Our cables are engineered with superior shielding to protect the optical fibers from mechanical stress, moisture, and electromagnetic interference. This ensures reliable performance even in the most challenging environments. OMC’s armored patch cords are also built to last, with durability that exceeds industry standards.

armored fiber cable

OMC’s Product and Service Advantages

In addition to excellent product quality, OMC offers additional benefits. We provide comprehensive technical support to assist customers in choosing the right  armored patch cord for their specific needs. Our expert team is available to provide installation guidance and  troubleshooting assistance. Additionally,  OMC offers competitive pricing and timely delivery to ensure a seamless customer experience. In summary, OMC‘s armored patch cords combine durability, reliability, and performance to meet the demands of diverse applications. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust OMC to provide the best armored fiber patch cables for your connectivity needs. Explore our range of products today and unleash the power of armored fiber cable in your networks.

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