Bullet SCAPC -Mini LCAPC FTTH jumper cord

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It’s a kind of Pro -connectorized patch cord assembly with G657B3 Simplex TPU/LSZH high tensile strength cable.

One end is MINILC APC connector, Another end is a Mini SC APC Ferrule be assembled with 3.0mm TPU/LSZH

cable, A OMC’s Own Patent Mini SCAPC Housing and MINI LC APC Housing kits can be assembled together with the ferrule after it thread though a Pipe with Inner Diameter>6mm. This is a last cable in FTTH project. Used widely between Fact plate, terminal box,

ONU/ONT tec. With easy accessibility to the fiber and simple installation, FTTH cable can be directly connected to the



Connector MINI LC-Bullet SC Polish APC-APC
Fiber Mode 9/125μm,  G657A2/G657B3 Jacket Color Black
Cable OD 3.0mm Wavelength SM:1310/1550nm
Cable Structure Simplex Jacket Material TPU&LSZH

Insertion loss


≤0.3dB(IEC Grade C1)


Crush Resistance(N/100mm)

Long term 100;

short term:500

Return loss SM APC ≥ 60dB(min) Interchangeability &Vibration ≤0.2dB
Tensile Strength(N) 150N Operation&Storage temperature -20  ~ +70°C


Polishing Method

APC( 8 degree Angled Polished connector)


Endface Quality (SM)

Zone Range (μm) Scratches Defects Reference
A: Core 0 to 25 None None  


IEC 61300-3-


B: Cladding 25 to 115 None None  
C: Adhesive 115 to 135 None None  
D: Contact 135 to 250 None None  
E: Rest of ferrule None None

FTTH jumper cord


Cable Technical Data

3.0mm Round FTTH Drop Cable with TPU/LSZH Jacket use Simplex round structure, A 900um tight buffer placed inside  the cable. Then the cable is completed with Aramid yarn and TPU/LSZH sheath. It’s easy to deploy and maintenance. It’ s the best choice for FTTX project.

FTTH jumper cord

Items Description
Number of fiber 1F
Fiber type G657A2 natural/Blue
Diameter of mode Field 1310nm: 8.8+/-0.4um, 1550:9.8+/-0.5um
Cladding diameter 125+/- 0.7um


Material LSZH Blue
  Diameter 0.9±0.05mm
Strength member Material Aramid yarn


Outer sheath

Material TPU/LSZH With UV protection
  Color Black
  Diameter 3.0+/-0.1mm
Installation Temperature range  (℃) -10  ~ +60
Operation and Storage temperature  (℃) -45  ~ +85
Min Bending Radius(mm) Long term 10D
Min Bending Radius(mm) Short term 20D
Min allowable Tensile Strength(N) Long term 150
Min allowable Tensile Strength(N) Short term 300
Crush Load (N/100mm) Long term 100
Crush Load (N/100mm) short term 500
Installation condition Span(m) 80

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