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Slide Rail Patch Panel-type of Fiber Distribution Frame

In the field of modern communication and data centers, the Fiber Distribution Frame is a key component for achieving seamless connection of various network devices


What is Fiber Distribution Frame?

Fiber Distribution Frame is a type of fiber cable management system used in organizing and managing optical fiber cables. Provide the flexibility and convenience for structured cable solution.


What is 19′ Slide Rail Patch Panel?

19′ and slide rail are just the size and type of a Slide Rail Patch Panel. 19′ means 19 inches, height of 1U, which is a normal height. Therefore, when we describe the height of Fiber Distribution Frame, we usually use “U” as the unit the measurement.

Slide is a type of mechanism. It allows the Fiber Distribution Frame to be installed and removed from cabinets easily, providing flexibility and convenience for maintaining or upgrading cable management system.


What’s the features of Slide Rail Patch Panel?

1:Pullable, saving the cable management space. Inside the Slide Rail Patch Panel, it is convenient and fast for fiber management, also concise and beautiful.

2:Could contain differ type and size of fiber cable, meet a wide range of application scenarios

3:Usually presented in modular unit form, can be extended and customized as needed

4:Cost-effective, the ease of use and modular of the slide rail system can save costs in the long term, because it reduces the time spent on cable management and maintenance.

5:Reduce the risk of cable entanglement and improve the overall efficiency of the network

slide rail patch panel
fiber distribution frame

What’s the application scenarios of Slide Rail Type Patch Panel?

1:Datacenter, the supporter of high-density structured cable management, ensures efficient data transmission

2:Server room, Slide Rail Type Patch Panel could maximize the use of available space

3:Network cabinet, Slide Rail Type Patch Panel could creat a clean and clear environment in which it is easy for managing and troubleshooting.

4:Telecommunications rooms, essential for managing the complex cabling required in telecommunications systems.


Why choose OMC?

1:High product quality: Our 19′ Slide Rail Patch Panel are made by cold-rolled steel, have smooth surface without traces. After multiple experimental tests, durable and sturdy.

2:Different size to choose: 1U/2U/3U… different adapters and different capacity, customization, all are available in OMC. We have 13 years’ experience in manufacturing Fiber Distribution Frame, we have the comprehensive solution for our customers to choose.

3:Fast delivery: As a manufacturer of Fiber Distribution Frame, we have our own factory and professional team which ensures our strong delivery capability.



With the evolution of network requirements, Slide Rail Type Patch Panel can be easily adjusted or expanded to meet new fiber cable management demands.

Their ease of use, versatility, and modularity make them standard configurations in the constantly evolving field of network technology. With the increasing complexity of the network, the role of Slide Rail Patch Panel will continue to be important, ensuring efficient and reliable data transmission.

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