FHD 1U 96F MTPMPO-LC Solid desgin rack mount Patch Panel

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FHD 96F MTP/MPO-LC 96F Solid Patch Panel

High Density 96Fibers 1U 19” Breakout Fiber Patch Panel is designed to connect 40G QSFP ports with MTP/MPO fiber cables, mapping to the back of the panel, then breaking out as 48*10G on the front panel with LC fiber cables.

The Patch panel are pre-terminated and designed to mount into 19’ wide telecommunications racks allowing 96 fiber connections to be deployed in one rack unit (1U) without additional support infrastructure. This ensures efficient use of space, quick deployment, and the highest reliability for the lowest installed cost. This configuration is ideally suitable for 40G/100G networks



  • Maximizes density with up to 96 fiber connections in 1U for efficient utilization of rack space.
  • Allows for an easy upgrade path moving 40GbE to 4x 10GbE or 100GbE to 4x 25GbE connectivity.
  • Provides reduced overall insertion loss with low channel to channel variability for improved channel link loss performance.
  • Improved reliability and quick deployment to reduce installation time and cost.


Product name FHD 96F MTP/MPO-LC 96F Solid Patch Panel Total Fiber Count 96Fibers
Front Interfaces 24xLC quad Rear Interfaces 12x MTP/MPO-8 Male (pinned)

Key up-Key down

Insertion Loss MPO/MTP≤0.35dB,


Return Loss MPO/MTP≥60dB(SM)20dB(MM), LC≥50dB(SM)35dB(MM)
MTP adapter Key up to key down Dimensions 44.2mmx 482.5mmx 250.4mm
Material Aluminum alloy Operation&Storage Temperature -40~+70℃



High Density 96Fibers 1U 19” Breakout Fiber Patch Panel are used in high-density network applications as specified in the Data Center Cabling Standard TIA 942 for cross connects in main distribution, horizontal distribution, and equipment distribution areas.




Maximum Utilization -40G Breakout Fiber Patch Panel.

In base 8 wiring, sufficiently and effectively realizing the current application from QSFP+ to SFP+, despite of compatibility, and better management, even future-proofs your network

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