9 ports FTTX Pre-connectorized Terminal Box PTB-912F Waterproof rating ip65

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FTTX Pre-connectorized Terminal Box PTB-912F some Splice trays, a tissue system with optical fiber splicing tray and 9 or 12 bayonet type enhanced pre-connectorized waterproof SCAPC adapters, which can be accessed and connected from the outside of the box.


The box is used as a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTx network system. The fiber splicing, splitting, and distribution can be done in this box, and to form the optical interconnection point between these networks and the distributed network. It allow the connection to a single optical plug in the customer’s home on demand. and meanwhile it provides solid protection and management for the FTTx network building.


The closed box is completely sealed and weatherproof, so it can be installed outside and inside the exterior wall, wall, roof, basement, garage, yard, wardrobe, column or building installed on the messenger.



  • Water-proof design with IP-65 Protection level
  • Capacity of 9 or 12 bayonet enhanced pre-connected optical burst output. The optical connection ports can be accessed from the outside without opening the chassis.
  • Clamping for feeder cable and drop cable, fiber splicing, fixation, storage, distribution…etc all in one.
  • Cable, pigtails, and patch cords are running through their own paths without disturbing each other.
  • Blockless type PLC splitter installation, easy maintenance.
  • Distribution panel can be flipped up, feeder cable can be placed by expression port, easy for maintenance and installation.
  • Box can be installed by the way of wall-mounted or poled-mounted, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Wall Mount and Pole mount Install


Configuration table Wall mounting Pole mounting installation
Size(mm) 290*210*82 290*210*82
Material PC/ABS PC/ABS
Color black black
Pre-connectorized ports 9Cores/12cores 9Cores/12cores
Suitable PLC Splitter 1×8 or 1×4 Blockless type
Inner box size(mm) 300*220*95 300*220*115
Individual weight(kg) 1.3 1.4
Outer box size(mm) 500*310*460 600*310*460
Gross weight(kg) 13.7 14.7
Outer box capacity(pcs) 10 10


Pre-connectorized waterproof SCAPC adapters Details


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