8F MPO Loopback

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8 Fibers MPO Fiber Loopback Module

MPO Loopback modules provides a looped signal to test the transmit and receiving functions. It used widely within testing environment especially within parallel optics 40 and 100G networks.


Loopbacks are built to link Transceivers (TX) and Receivers (RX) positions of MPO transceivers interfaces. MPO loopbacks can facilitate and speed up IL testing of optical networks segments by connecting them to MPO trunks/patch leads.



MPO loopback assemblies’ standard products include a female MPO 12-fiber interface with 8-fiber Quad Small Form-actor Pluggable (QSFP) option or 24-fiber, singlemode or multimode ferrules. Our compact and rugged

housing design provides high stability and reliability.


8F MPO Fiber Loopback Module allows verification and testing of transceivers featuring MPO interface – 40GBASE-SR4/CSR4 QSFP+ devices.


OMC offers a line of MPO fiber optic loopback assemblies for burn-in and testing of MPO network components and systems. These MPO Loopback Assemblies are used to effectively test transmitter capability and receiver sensitivity of network equipment, particularly for telecom and datacom requirements. They are packaged in a compact housing for the highest density available for these applications.



  • SM 9/125, MM 50/125, MM 62.5/12512 or 24 Fiber Ferrule
  • Female and Male MPO/MPO option of Connectors
  • Polarity Variants selection 40G QSFP+ and 100G CXP/CFP transceivers
  • Factory Terminated and Tested MPO Interface
  • MPO components feature superior optical and mechanical properties


Item Parameter
Fiber Type Singlemode or Multimode
Fiber Diameter 9/125um, 50/125um, 62.5/125um
Insertion loss MM<1.2dB, SM(G652D)<1.5dB,SM(G657A1)<0.75dB
Return loss SM>55dB; MM>25dB
Insert-pull Test 500times, IL<0.5dB
Operation Temperature -40℃~ +80℃
Tensile Resistance 15kgf
Size 60mm*20mm


Polarity (Channel Alignment)


Application in Data Center

Collocated with 40G or 100G MPO/MPO interface transceivers

Loopback Module can be used for testing the transmission capability and receiver sensitivity of fiber optic network equipment.

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