19‘ 1RU Adapter Plate Panel-4 FAP

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High quality steel adapter panel Frame is suitable for 1U 19″ frame rack mount or cabinet, designed for backbone-to-backbone and backbone-to-horizontal fiber cabling. Fiber patch panels are the bridge of fiber patch cables, serving as standard 1U 19” rack, ODF and cabinets, to create a complete system for connectivity. It can be applied in LANs housing, optical communication, FTTD, and data center cabling etc



  • Stronger platform with 1.5mm SPCC, to install customs array of adapters
  • Evenly-distributed openings to suitable space for patching
  • Fully loaded with fiber couplers to save much cost
  • Small Device to High-Effective Management- 48 Fibers 1U 19” Fiber Patch Panel
  • Easy to install for better deployment and expand your network for interconnection and cross-connection inside the rack mount and cabinet


Products Details

Part No. Pxxx FAP Slot 2/3/4 Slots
  Adapter Type N/A Cable management bracket Available
Material 1.5mm CRS Cold rolled steel Dimensions (WxL) 482.6mm x44mmx10mm
RoHS Compliancy Status Compliant Application Mount In a 19″ Network Rack Panel



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