12F & 24F MPO Adapter- SC foot print Reduced flange

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MPO MTP Adapter- SC foot print Reduced flange

MPO/MTP adapter provides alignment for a male and female MPO/MTP connector. The housing is available with MPO/MTP or SC footprint, aligned or opposed alignment keys, different colors and with options for flange or flangeless body.

MTP/MPO adapter has two types as key-up to key-down and key-up to key-up. It provides the connection between cable to cable or cable to equipment in the MTP/MPO style. It works for any MTP Connector from 4 fibers to 72 fiber, widely used in trunk cabling and cassettes. This adapter meets appropriate standards and is perfect for your parallel optics and MTP adapter needs.


MPO fiber optical adapter comply with industry standard TIA – 568C. 3-2008 (standard of fiber optical system) and YD/T1272.5-2009 (fiber optical connector part v: MPO style).


OMC Adapters design, material and manufacturing process assure long life and high repeatability of optical performances even for different brand connectors mating.



  • One-piece design
  • Anti-Fungus Plastic
  • Internal Shutter Capable
  • Stainless Steel Clip
  • Full flange type


Product Details

Connector Type MTP/MPO

SC Foot print

Keyway Opposed (Up-Down)

Aligned (Up-Up)

Adapter Port Single Footprint SC
Insertion Loss ≤0.2dB Durability ≤0.1dB
Flammability Rate UL94-V0 Working Temperature -25~70°C



Parts name Material Color
Housing body Polyetherimide Black, Green, Yellow, Beige, Aqua, Magenta or Customized
Metal Plate Stainless steel
Dust Cover PC/Rubber Black



Adapters Bridge the Gap Between Fiber Optic Connectors, Our MTP/MPO fiber optic adapters are widely applied in 10G/40G/100G networks, data center, optical fiber communication system, cable television network, fiber optic access network and video transmission.

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