TF SC Simplex Adpater withno flange

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TF Type LC&SC Fiber Adapter are developed to couple and mate 2/4/8 SC&LC connector plugs. Each TF Type Fiber adapter have 4pcs stainless steel mounting clips/hooks allowing it to be easily snapped into rectangular cut outs  and fix  very well and stable.


Our range of high-quality TF Type Fiber adapters have high precision alignment sleeves for reliability and improved reconnect ability. For single mode and multimode applications, a ceramic sleeve is supplied. The housing is available in different colors with options for flange or flangeless body.


OMC Adapters design, material and manufacturing process assure long life and high repeatability of optical performances even for different brand connectors mating.


Products Details

Fiber Mode Part No. Color
SM/UPC H81211 Blue
SM/APC H81213 Green
OM1/OM2 H81212 Beige
OM3 H81214 Aqua
OM4 H81215 Magenta
OM5 H81216 Lemon green


Fiber Mode Part No. Color
SM/UPC H81221 Blue
SM/APC H81223 Green
OM1/OM2 H81222 Beige
OM3 H81224 Aqua
OM4 H81225 Magenta
OM5 H81226 Lemon green

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