OTDR launch cable Box

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An OTDR launch cable, which connects the OTDR to the link-under-test, discloses the insertion loss and reflectance of the near-end connection. It is often available on a small spool or within a “launch box”, which is used to create the proper conditions for testing another similar optical fiber for faults. This method avoids undesirable variations in loss and distance measurements. A launch fiber will help to overcome the blind spot or Dead Zone of an OTDR brought about by high launch power or faults near the launch end of the fiber.



  • Full-spectrum single mode fiber
  • Small macro bending radii, comply with G.657A or G.652D standard
  • Small attenuation value
  • Suitable for any optical testing environment
  • Mainly used to compensate for the OTDR test blind area, central fiber
  • Without any fusion joint, small volume, light weight Easy to carry
  • Length 500M, 1KM, 2KM… 5KM (custom)
  • Loss less than or equal to 0.5dBm\km
  • Water and dust prove allowing the unit to be taken into almost any environment
  • Nonmetal construction will not dent, corrode, or conduce electricity


Products info

Length x Width x Height27.5 x 15.3 x 7.6cm
Fiber TypeG.652D/G.657A
Connector TypeFC/SC/LC selectable
Polishing TypeAPC/UPC selectable
MaterialSR Polypropylene
Weight1kg(package included )
Operating Temperature-40°C to +55°C
Typical Loss<0.5dB @ 1310nm for 1000 meters

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