NSN(LC)-NSN(LC) SM Dx 5.0mm Patch cord

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Waterproof fiber optic patch cables are designed to fit for outdoor applications. The strong PE jacket and armored structure can resist high temperature and suit to use in harsh environment.

IP67 LC to standard E2000 duplex singlmode waterproof fiber patch cable with LC angled 90° with NOKIA compatible waterproof sealing on one end of the cable and standard E2000 connector on the other end. The connector is designed to exceed the requirements of ODVA, and meet IP66/67 environmental sealing ratings and are the ideal choice for a low cost and easy to use solution in industrial, fiber to the Antenna, or any other harsh environmental applications. The LC connector is designed according to the IEC60603-7 interface standard, which allows mating to other similar mechanical locking systems. IP67 LC – E2000 single mode duplex waterproof fiber optical cable will not get damage even stepped, and are anti-rodents, and suit to use in harsh environment.



  • High temperature stability, low insertion loss
  • Water proof, dust proof and corrosion resistant
  • Bump resistance – 4000 bumps @ 40g acceleration
  • Easy operation, reliable and cost-effective installation
  • Free fall resistance – 500 falls onto concrete from 1.2M height


Product Type Waterproof Cable Fiber Type OM2 50/125
Connector1 LC+NSN Connector2 LC+NSN
Trunk Diameter 7.0mm Branch Diameter 3.0mm
Insertion Loss ≤0.20dB Return Loss LC≥50dB,
Storage Temperature -55°C-85°C Operating Temperature -40°C-85°C


Fiber Count Cable Dimension


Cable Weight






Min. Bend Radius


Range of Temperature


Long Term Short Term Long Term Short Term Dynamic Static
2 7.0 42.3 200 400 1100 2200 20D 10D -30-+70
Note: 1. All the values in the table, which are for reference only, are subject to change without notice;

2. The cable dimension and weight are subject to the simplex cable of 2.0 outer diameter;

3. D is outer diameter of the round cable;


International Protection (IP) Rating

NSN patch cord


The Application of Waterproof Fiber Optic Patch Cable

NSN patch cord

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