MTRJ Simplex standard RJ45 adapter

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MT-RJ Adapter are developed to couple and mate two duplex MTRJ connector plugs. (Each single MTRJ connector is actually duplex, containing two fibers.)


Instead of alignment sleeves in the adapter, MTRJ connectors are designed to use alignment pins. There are two holes visible in the face of the connector. Contrary to first impressions, these are not for the light signals, but are to accept the alignment pins. When using a MTRJ-MTRJ adapter, it is necessary to insert two alignment pins in (only) one of the connectors. These pins will mate with the holes in the MTRJ connector inserted from the other side of the adapter, ensuring proper alignment of the two (almost invisible) fibers.


OMC Adapters design, material and manufacturing process assure long life and high repeatability of optical performances even for different brand connectors mating.



  • Plug-jack (RJ-45) design
  • Precision connection with sleeve
  • SM and MM connector can be used interchangeably
  • Low insertion loss, High Return loss
  • Good interchangeability and reliability
  • Meet IEC and ROHS standards
  • High precision of mechanical dimensions Accuracy


Test item (SM-9/125) UPC (SM-9/125) APC MM PC
Insertion Loss ≤0.2dB ≤0.2dB ≤0.2dB
Return Loss ≥45 dB ≥45 dB ≥20 dB
Durability (500 Mating) 0.1dB Max.
Withdrawal force(g/f) 2.0N ~ 5.9N (200gf ~ 600gf)
Storage Temp(℃) -40~+85



Parts name Material Color
Housing body Polymer Black
Dust Cover PBT/ABS Black

Available for Simplex of SM UPC, SM APC, MM OM1 62.5/125, MM OM2 50/125



Patch panels, ODF and other optical connections.

Optical networks demarcation and monitoring point

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