Mini IP(SCAPC)-Mini IP(SCAPC) SM 2×5 FTTH Drop cable patch cord

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It’s a kind of FTTH patch cord assembly with 2.0x5.0mm Aerial Flat 5.0mm FTTH Drop Cable.It adopts lower insertion loss SC technologies, and compact cable structure, achieving fast deployment, high reliability, and durability.

This is a last cable in FTTH project. Used widely between MST,FAT, FTTX Pro-connectorized terminal box tec. With easy accessibility to the fiber and simple installation.



  • Fast deployment, plug and play.
  • Double locked anti-vibration design.
  • Easy to install and uninstall.


Patch cord’s Optical Specifications

Connector Dual-end Mini IP(SC/APC)

waterproof connector

Polish APC-APC
Fiber Mode 9/125μm, G657A2 Jacket Color Black/Grey
Cable OD 2.0×5.0±0.1mm Wavelength SM:1310/1550nm
Cable Structure Simplex Jacket Material LSZH
Insertion loss ≤0.3dB Return loss SM APC ≥ 60dB(min)
Operation Temperature -20  ~ +70°C Install&Storage temperature -40  ~ +70°C

Remark:The IL in the table is only refer to the IL (connector). The product IL must contain the connector IL and fiber cable IL, IL all =2 x IL (connector) + IL (1km cable IL)/1000 x L (cable length).


Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics

Items Unite Specifications Reference
Span Length M 50
Tension(Long Term) N 300 IEC 61300-2-4
Tension (Short Term) N 600 IEC 61300-2-4
Crush(Long Term) N/10cm 500 IEC 61300-2-5
Crush(Short Term) N/10cm 1000 IEC 61300-2-5
Min. Bend Radius(Dynamic) mm 20D
Min. Bend Radius(Static) mm 10D
Operating Temperature -20~+60 IEC 61300-2-22
Storage Temperature -20~+60 IEC 61300-2-22


End-Face Quality (SM)

Zone Range (μm) Scratches Defects Reference
A: Core 0 to 25 None None  IEC 61300-3-35:2015
B: Cladding 25 to 115 None None
C: Adhesive 115 to 135 None None
D: Contact 135 to 250 None None
E: Rest of ferrule None None


Cable Technical Data

Fiber Count 1F
Message Wire Solid Steel wire/ Straned Steel wire/FRP/KFRP
1.0mm or (7*0.4mm)-1.2mm
Strength member FRP/KFRP/Solid Steel wire
Cable diameter(mm) Approx. 2.0*5.0(±0.1)
Cable weight(kg/km) Approx 18.5/20
Tensile Strength Short/ Long Term(N) 600/300 for Steel wire strength member+FRP Strength member
400/200 for FRP wire strength member+FRP Strength member
Crush resistance short/long term (N/100mm) 1000/500
Operating temperature range(°C) -40°C ~+70°C


Connector Optical Specifications

Type Mini IP SC/APC
Insertion loss Max. ≤ 0.3 dB
Return loss ≥ 60 dB
Tensile strength between optical cable and connector Load: 300N   Duration: 5s
Water proof IP67
Fall Drop height: 1.5 m

Number of drops: 5 for each plug

Test temperature: -15℃ and 45℃

Bending Load: 45 N

Duration: 8 cycles, 10s/cycle

Torsion Load: 15 N

Duration: 10 cycles ± 180°

Static side load Load: 50 N for 1h
Water proof Depth: under 3m of water. Duration: 7 days
Change of temperature Temperature: -25ºC to 70 ºC

Duration at extreme temps: 1h

Temperature change speed: 1ºC/min

Cycles: 12


Length Tolerance

Overall Length(L) (m) length of tolerance (cm)
10<L<40 +15/-0
40<L +0.5% x L/-0



  • Multi-purpose Outdoor&Indoor.
  • For connection between distribution box and RRH.
  • Deployment in Remote Radio Head cell tower applications.
  • Fiber optic communications in harsh outdoor environments
  • Outdoor communication equipment connection
  • Waterproof fiber equipment SC port Remote wireless base station
  • FTTH wiring project

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