Indoor Fiber Optic Cabinet- single door

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Fiber Optic Indoor Fiber enclosure are great for joining fiber optic cable and pigtails. By providing a safe and secure housing they protect fiber optic splices and enable easy distribution.  It available for the distribution and terminal connection for various kinds of optical fiber system, Some are used for indoor cabling and others are designed to install on outdoor use. They are of light and compact design, Mainly used in fiber optic drop cable, pigtails or splitters cablings in residential buildings area. Most of them are applied to wall mounted type. The capacity is optional. such as small single fiber distribution box,  24 ports, 48 ports, 72ports, 96 ports or even high density fiber distribution requirements.



  • Available for small capacity communication system, wall mounting, reasonable and compact structure, harmonized with machine room.
  • The cabinet is composed of two parts, one links with optical cables for fusion connection between optical cable and fiber pigtail and another links with patch cord.
  • It provide fusion and storage for optical cables, ensure reliable protection appliance of fixing, stripping and earthing for optical cables.
  • Reliable protection appliance of fixing, stripping and earthing for optical cables.
  • Whole range protected design for fiber lay to ensure the bending radius=40mm
  • Provide various accessories to avoid any unexpected damage to the fiber
  • Cold rolled steel sheet, electrostatic spraying. Exquisite workmanship with long durability.
  • Compact structure and orderly layout, easy operation and arrangement
  • Multiple adapter panel options, available for FC, SC, ST adapters


Part No. Dimension(mm) Material Max Capacity Qty/Carton Carton size(mm)
OMCGP(05)A-24A 350x350x80 Cold rolled steel sheet 24/48 5pcs/Carton 405*335*605
OMCGP(05)A-24 455*405*80 Cold rolled steel sheet 24/48 4pcs/Carton 500*450*490
OMCGP(05)A-48 455*405*120 Cold rolled steel sheet 48/96 3pcs/Carton 500*450*490
OMCGP(05)A-72 455*405*150 Cold rolled steel sheet 72/144 2pcs/Carton 500*450*490
OMCGP(05)A-96 455*405*180 Cold rolled steel sheet 96/192 2pcs/Carton 500*450*490


Technical Parameters

Fiber curvature radius ≥ 40mm

Additional loss ≤ 0.01dB

Fiber retention length ≥ 1.6m

Operating temperature: -400C ~ +700C

Lateral pressure resistance: ≥ 2000N/10cm

Impact resistance: ≥ 20N.m



  • FTTX Project
  • ODN system
  • Data center
  • PON system

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