FTTH Tools Pack-T1

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FTTH fiber optic tool kits is especially used in the FTTx solution, combine the function of the in-door cable stripper, cleaver, cleaning, and testing.

This is a perfect tool kits in the fiber optic Installation and maintenance.



  • Use with Pre-Polished Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Cut down on overall fiber installation cost by reducing termination time
  • Field assembly, No polishing required
  • Fast and easy to terminate
  • Compact waterproof protection bag
  • Encourages safe handling of fiber off-cuts


Product name 产品名称 数量 单位 产地
1-Fiber optic stripper 光纤剥线钳 1 china
2-Pen Type Fiber Checker 10MW 光纤红光笔 10MW 1 china
3-6” Side Cut Pliers 6寸斜口钳 1 china
4-Kim Wipes   IPA IPA 光纤清洁擦拭纸 10 china
5-250ML .Bottle of Alcohol withlocked 防漏酒精瓶250ML 1 taiwan
6-Round Cable Slitter  TB-330A 皮线开剥器TB-330A 1 china
7-Precision Fiber Cleave TK-711 光纤切割刀  TK-711 1 china
8- Optic Power Mete 光功率计 1 china
9-CarryingTool Case(240X150X210mm) 高级工具包(240X150X240MM) 1 china

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