FTTH fiber faceplate 1 core FS-1B

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FS-1B Fiber rosette box is able to hold up to1 subscribers. It is used as a termination point for the drop cable to connect with patch cable in FTTH indoor application. It integrates fiber splicing, termination, storage and cable connection in one solid protection box.



  • It is used for different kinds of modules and applied to the working area subsystem.
  • It uses embedded surface frame, easy to install and disassemble, it is with protective door and dusty
  • Dust-proof design with Ip-45 Protection level.
  • Integrated with splice cassette and cable management rods.
  • Manage fibers in a reasonable fiber radius condition.
  • Easy to maintain and extend the capacity.
  • Suitable for the fusion splice or mechanical splice.
  • Embedded type surface, easy for installation and removal.
  • 2 ports cable entrance for patch cable.


Performance index

Item Parameters
Size ( L*W*H) 93*83 *23 MM
Application 5m 10m 20m transparent optical cable
Fiber diameter 125μm ( 652 & 657 )
Tight cladding diameter 250μm & 900μm
Mode of application Single mode & duplex mode
Tensile strength >50 N
End-use temperature -40~+85℃
Adaptor SC Simplex or LC Duplex
Insertion loss ≤0.2dB(1310nm & 1550nm)
output 1SC/FC
Max Capacity 1cores


Product inside structure and cable ways

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