FTTH Fiber Access Terminal closure – IFATC-8C

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This IFATC-8C fiber access termination box holds up to 8 subscribers and 1 piece of 8/16F splice trays.

This product integrates the optical fiber splicing, splitting and wiring. It can realize the cable direct or branch connection  and is suitable for client’s terminal access. Connecting with the optical communication equipment, through the adapter  installed in the box, the drop cable leads the signal out and achieves optical fiber distribution; also it applies to the pro-  tective connection of cables and pigtails; in addition, optical cable can be spliced with home cable after splitting, to  achieve signal transmission.



  • made of high quality and impact resistant plastics;
  • accommodates 1:4 splitter ( 2 pcs) or 1:8 PLC splitter (1pc);
  • Anti-UV, anti-impact and waterproof;
  • Wall or pole mounted;
  • The toothed slots at the outlet can hold outgoing fibers, which avoids loosening or falling off byexternal force;
  • The box body has two opened-type inlets, which realizes operation without breaking the cable.; Thestructural design of bottom box, reversible plate and inner cover make the cable inlet and outlet,fiber splicing area and fiber storage area form a closed and independent partition, which isconducive to manage and maintain.




Model IFATC-8C
Adapter 8pcs of SC Simplex / LC Duplex
Cable Ports 2 in/8 out Drop cable ports
Max Splitting 1:4 (2pcs) / 1:8 (1pc)
Applicable cable OD 5-12mm
Box Dimensions(mm) 192mm(W)×132mm(D) ×52mm(H)
Material ABS/PC
Max capacity(F) 8/16F
Box weight 0.5kg


Technical data

Fiber bend radius:≥40mm

Splice tray excess loss:≤0.01dB

Temperature Range : – 40℃+ 60℃

Anti lateral pressure : ≥2000N / 10 cm

Shock resistance:≥20N.m


Standard Accessories

Plastics key: 1 pc

M4x25 plastic expansion screws: 4 sets

F10 ~ F16 hoop: 2 pcs

Heat shrinkable tube L=40mm

Optional:Stainless steel hoop (155mm-178mm)

optional:Interior anti-theft screw and wrenches



Widely used in FTTH access network.

Telecommunication Networks

CATV Networks

Data communications Networks

Local Area Networks


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