Fiber Mechanical Splicer for 2×3 Drop cable

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Universal optical mechanical splice is developed for mechanical connection of optical fibers with a diameter of primary protection from 250μm do 900μm. It is filled with a special gel with the same refractive index as glass and it is not necessary to use fiber optic splicer. Mechanical splice allows quick and stable connection of two optical fibers by simply pressing the loping lid without separate installation tool. It provides an inexpensive, quick alternative to mating fibers.


Using V-groove technology, this splice maintains physical contact between the fibers. Fiber can be spliced simply in this way in a very short time. It can be used for 900μm ,250μm,2mm and 3mm Round cable or 3.0×2.0mm drop cable.



Low insertion loss and back reflection loss

Ferrule end surface predoomed

Precision anti-rotation key and corrosion resistant body UL-rated plastic housing

Boots in a variety of colors

Telcordia style boots

Free-floating ceramic ferrule


Item Technical Parameters
Applicable for 2.0/3.0mm or 3.0×2 drop cable
Fiber mode Single & multi-mode
Average Insert loss ≤ 0.30dB(1310nm & 1550nm)
Return loss ≥45dB
force to keep fiber while lock >3 N
force to keep fiber while complete >40 N
Operation time About 10s(no fiber cut)
Working temperature -40℃-+80℃




Active device termination Telecommunication networks Metro

Local Area Networks (LANs) Data processing networks Test equipment

Premise installation

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

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