Fiber Closure-Horizontal type GJS (04)-7BY

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This produt provides suitable for cable whose diameter is within 22mm.It can be used in aerial,duct and direct buried application as well as the all-plastic local cable connection.



  • It complies with the regulations of YD/T814-1996.
  • The shell material is high quality engineering plastics(ABS),which is anti-aging,anti-corrosionand thunder-proof.
  • The product is with the mechanical sealing structure filled with the sealing material.It can be reopened and reused without changing sealing material.
  • Cable ports:4in 4out,Max capacity:192cores(single fiber)
  • The 3 types of cable rings(φ12.5,φ17,φ20) are optional according to users actual needs,effectively enhancing the reliability and practicability of cable port sealing.
  • The overlay structure of splice tray and the insulated grounding device make it more flexible, convenient and safer for optical cable configuration,dilatation and ground connection.
  • The external components and fastening parts are all made of stainless steel,It can be reopened and reused without changing sealing material.


The key technical indexes

  • Size(mm): 515×230×125
  • Weight:2.8kg
  • Fiber radius of curvature: ≥40mm
  • Splice tray additional losses:≤0.01dB
  • Storage fiber length:≥1.6m
  • Max capacity(single fiber): 192 cores
  • Working temperature: – 40℃ ~ + 70℃
  • Lateral pressure: ≥2000N / 10cm
  • Shock resistance:≥20N.m


Operating points

  • Choose appropriate cable,striff off the calbe,remove the outer and inner protective covers and relex tube,clean and remove the petrojelly filling inside the cable,keep 1.1~1.6m fiber and 30~50mm steel core.
  • Fix the cable by pressing cable card,fix core colums.If the diameter is less than 10mm,wind the cable fixed place by self-adhesive rubber belt,fixing the cable after the diameter having reached 12mm.
  • Introduce the fiber into the splice tray,put heat shrink tube and hot-melt tube on any pair of the fiber,after the welding,move the heat shrink tube and hot-melt tube,put on stainless or quartz intensive core column,make the fiber splicing place in the middle of the protective tube.Heat the protective tubeappropriately,fusing the fiber and protective tube together.Snap the protective optical fiber connector into cable wireway(every splice tray can be applied for cable of 24 cores).
  • Layout the rest of fibers evenly in the splice tray,order and fix the fiber by nylon ribbon.Generally,use the splice tray in down-top way.After the splicing,put and fix the cover on the top side of splice tray.
  • Apply and locate the ground wire according to the requirements of engineering design.
  • Wind the sealing tape around the entry ports in the shell,put sealing line into the sealing groove in the edge of the shell,close the two pices of shells,tighten  stainless steel bolts.The stress of the bolts should be symmetrical until all the bolts are tightened.
  • According to the laying requirments,locate and fix hangings and lay the closure.

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