Fiber cleaver OMCFC-231

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  • The first step in the real sense of the precision cutting knife.
  • The cutting angle is 0.5 degrees, the performance index can reach or exceed the level of the same cutting knife.
  • In the process of cutting the blade automatically rotate, can keep the blade is always sharp.
  • The cutting efficiency is high, and the requirements for the operator is lower without manual labor.
  • Blade can be automatically rotated using 26 point of view, the service life of the blade is more than 78000 times


Fiber TypeSingle core silica fiber
Outer coat diameterφ0.25&φ0.9
Bare fiber diameter125μm
Cleaved length10~16mm(φ0.25) 10~16(φ0.9)
Dimension93mm(W)×102mm(D) ×50mm(H)
Adaptive value of cutting angle≤0.7°
Blade life78000

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