Aerial Fiber Access Terminal closure-AFATC-AFATC-002L

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AFATC-002 Aerial Fiber Access Terminal Closure

This splice closure integrates distribution and splitting in one, can realize the direct fusion and branching of the optical cable, and is suitable for the wiring connection in the optical communication equipment. Through the adapter and jumper to bring in the signal to realize optical distribution function, it is also suitable for fiber optic cables and pigtail protective connection; the unique three-tier design of the box body can be used as a fiber splitter or splice box; the flip board can be flipped≥180°,it is more convenient to install the box or maintenance. If remove the board, it can bed as a splice closure to meet different choices.



The product is made of high-quality impact resistant plastic and has a standard user interface that can be re-opened. Can accommodate two 1×8 PLC splitter LGX module or steel tube type;

Anti-ultraviolet,anti- impact and waterproof function;

Unique flip board, flip angle ≥ 180 °, fusion area and distribution area is more obvious, reducing the cable crossing; Fiber optic cable can go in and out of the box without cut the cable.


Model AFATC-002L
Dimension (mm) 285*175*110
Cable diameter (mm) Φ7-φ18
Cable port 2pcs 8-20mm round ports,4pcs 5-16mm round cable, 16pcs
3-7mm drop cable ports
Max. Split ratio 1pcs 1×8 LGX splitter
Max. Adapter number 9pcs
Max. Splice tray 1pc
Max. Fusion splice 24 cores


Technical parameters

Optical fiber radius of curvature: ≥40mm

Splice tray additional loss: ≤0.1dB

Temperature range: -40°C ~ +60°C

Anti side pressure: ≥2000N/10cm

Impact resistance: ≥20N.m

Protection class: IP65

Installation procedure


  •  Open box, fix the splitter LGX module with nylon cable tie. (See fig.5)
  • Strip the outer jacket,inner jacket, loose tube off the cable, remove the oil filling paste inside the cable, keep the fiber length of 1-1.6m and the steel core of 30-50mm; insert feeder cable through the entry and lock with hoop, strength plate to fix the fiber core. The excess optical cable is coiled at the bottom, and the fused fiber optic cable is introduced into the fiber Superfluous optical fiber cable will be fixed and stored at the bottom of the box, bring the cable into the splice tray. (See fig.6)

  • Insert the pigtail connector into the splitter module adapter (input side), then introduced into the splice tray through the holes opened in the tray core. After being coiled and finished, the other end of the pigtail is led to the heat shrinkable tube installed in the splicing groove, and heat the sleeve appropriately to make the fiber and the protection tube integrated into one, and the protected optical fiber connector is snapped into the splicing groove; put on the PVC cover to prevent falling
  • Insert the drop cable connectors into the splitter module adapter (output side), then fix the cable into the fixing slots, then through the rubber seal to lead out the cable. (See. Fig.7)
  • Insert the cable pigtail into the fixing slot, and then pass through the outlet sealing rubber to lead out the
  • Closethelid,snap the buckle to complete the installation,install the metal hooks then hook up on the aerial  (See. Fig. 8)



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