6 ports MST with OptiTap SC output Port

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FiberHub is a new economic fiber distributed solutions for outdoor use. Compare traditional products, FiberHub is easy to operate and has high compatibility. It can be used for wall-mounting, aerial installation or holding pole installationi, based on different situation. FiberHub not only used in FTTH field, but also used in FTTA or other harsh environment field. Spring Optic’s hinged closure is a piece of versatile fiber optic connection equipment with reasonable interior structural design. It is mainly employed in the optical communication links for straight joint and distribution and relevant protection.8core FTTA Fiber Optic Hub Box with Hardened fastconnect adapters compatible with Corning Optitap products and solutions in FTTA.


The Multi Service Terminal incorporates hardened adapters and are fully OptiTap compatible. Allowing for rapid tower and FTTH deployments, the MSTs are fully IP68 rated to fully withstand the rigors of outdoor deployment in all environments. Each MST comes with easy deployment mount allowing wall mounting or for pole mounting.



  • Each box can be fully assembled to reduce the need for opening and opening the field in the field.
  • Hardened connectors are factory-terminated and environmentally sealed for use in optical drop cable deployments
  • Plug-and-play adapter ports ensure rapid cable installment in the outside plant access section of the network
  • Multiport Service Terminals incorporate hardened connector technology that is designed to withstand the rugged outside plant environment
  • Factory terminated IP68 rated, high quality, high performance connectors.
  • Flexible choice of ports: 2, 4, 6, 8 terminals are available.
  • Kind of mounting bracket allowing for a wide range of mount options.


Port 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12
Product Type Access Terminal
IP Rate IP 68
Components Compliant RoHS
Operating Temperature -40 to +85℃
Adapter OptiTap SC, OptiTap LC Duplex, OptiTap MPO
Entrance Cable gland or OptiTap Adapter
Feed cable 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 coreS for options
Feed cable length Customized
Stub Type Stub Tail
Mounting Method Handhole, Pedestal, Pole, Strand, Aerial


Cable Specification:

Cable Type Flat drop cable
Cable Size 3.0×4.5mm; 4x7mm; 4.5×8.1mm; 4.5×9.8mm
Cable Quantity 1
Cable Stub Length 50meter to customized
Attenuation, maximum 0.30 dB/km @ 1550 nm    |   0.40 dB/km @ 1310 nm
Directivity, minimum 60 dB
Wavelength Range 1260–1635 nm
Insertion Loss, Terminal Connector, max 0.4dB
Return Loss, Connector, minimum 65dB


6Port MST Box Drawing paper:




  • FTTH Projects
  • FTTA Projects
  • Truck cable connectings
  • Prospecting or military communication

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