The protecter of optical connection-Fiber Splice Sleeve

What is fiber splice sleeve?

Fiber splice sleeve is the accessory used in protecting the connection between two fibers optical. Before understanding it, we have to know what is splice. Splice is a method through which we could connect two fibers on splicer machine. So, the Fiber splice sleeve plays an important and unreplaced role in optical fiber connection. It could cover and protect the splice point from broken by outside environment. It’s because the fiber will be easy-broken after splicing, the fiber splice sleeve could ensure the stability and the life of the fiber connection.


The material and the function of fiber splice sleeve

The fiber splice sleeves are made buy PE or HDPE, which has good heat resistance, chemical resist and mechanical strength. Some sleeve even contains one or two steel to strengthen its durability.

1: Protect the splice point, avoid the physical damage or environmental factors such as humidity, ultraviolet radiation, etc. on the point.

2:  Enhance mechanical strength, provide additional mechanical protection for the spliced optical fibers to prevent damage caused by excessive bending or stretching

3:  easy to identify, different fiber splice sleeve help distinguish different fiber optic, making maintenance and management easier.

fiber splice sleeve

Where does the fiber splice sleeve load on?

The splice trays are the main loader of the fiber splice sleeve. And the splice tray exists in different optical distribution point like fiber optical splice closure, fiber distribution box and patch panel. The fiber splice sleeve could get stuck on the trays and ensures the protection.

Fiber splice sleeve has different length like 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm.different size has different Usage scenarios.


How to use the fiber splice sleeve?

1:Before splicing, we should clean the end face of the bare fiber with alcohol to ensure the fiber without dust. Improve the quality of splicing.

2:Connect two fibers accurately by using splicer machine.

3:cover the splice point with sleeve and heat the sleeve to make it shrink and wrap the point.

4:After the splice is completed, wait for the fiber splice sleeve to cool down, and then conduct a test machine to ensure that the loss of the splice point is within the standard range.


fiber splice sleeve


Although the fiber splice sleeve is only a small component in the fiber optic communication network, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability and reliability of the fiber optic network. The correct use of fiber splice sleeve can not only extend the service life of optical fibers, but also reduce maintenance costs in the later stage, which is a detail that cannot be ignored in the fiber optic communication industry.


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