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Fiber distribution box SC APC
8 cores Fiber terminal box
8 cores Fiber distribution box
8 cores Fiber terminal box SCUPC
8 cores Fiber terminal box
8 cores Fiber distribution box
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6 cores Fiber terminal box
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Fiber Distribution Box for FTTH, PON ,OBD Cabling System

Characteristics of outdoor fiber distribution box

Outdoor fiber distribution box offer a variety of features that make them ideal for managing fiber optic networks. Here are some of the key features:

A fiber distribution box or outdoor fiber distribution box is an important piece of equipment used in fiber optic networks to terminate and manage fiber optic cable connections. It is compact, designed for indoor and outdoor use, and comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different numbers of fiber connections. Its interior typically contains components such as splice trays, adapters, and connectors to ensure proper alignment and protection of the fiber. Typically used in environments such as FTTH (fibre to the home), data centers and telecom environments, these boxes require technical expertise to install and are easy to maintain. They play a vital role in ensuring the efficiency and stability of fiber optic networks.

fiber distribution box
fiber distribution box

Advantages of Outdoor fiber distribution box

Outdoor fiber distribution box provide a variety of advantages to fiber optic networks, including:

Improved network reliability:

Fiber distribution box provides a secure and organized way to manage fiber optic cables, protecting them from external damage and minimizing the risk of network downtime.

Reduce installation time and costs:

Fiber distribution box is designed to be easy to install, helping to reduce installation time and costs.


Fiber distribution box can accommodate the expansion of fiber optic networks by providing additional capacity for terminating and splicing fiber optic cables.


Fiber distribution box can support a variety of fiber optic connectors and splices, allowing it to adapt to different network applications.

fiber distribution box
fiber distribution box

How fiber distribution box work

Fiber distribution box work by providing a centralized point for managing fiber optic cables. They typically have multiple ports and can support various types of connectors and splices. Input fiber optic cables are terminated, spliced, or connected to fiber optic pigtails and then connected to ports on the fiber distribution box.

Fiber distribution box can also have built-in splitter modules that split the input signal into multiple outputs, allowing the network to serve multiple users or locations. They may also have additional features such as cable management, strain relief, and grounding.



Fiber distribution box is key components of fiber optic networks, providing a centralized point for managing and distributing fiber optic cables. They offer a variety of benefits, including increased network reliability, scalability, and versatility. When selecting an Fiber distribution box, you must consider your specific network requirements, the number of ports and connectors required, and overall capacity.

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