5.0mm Double Jacket SC APC FTTH Drop cable Patch cord

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The fiber optic pigtail is normally a tight/semi-tight buffered fiber cable with a connector pre terminated on one end and exposed fiber on the other. The end is stripped and fusion spliced to a single or multi-fiber trunk. When utilized properly, the fiber optic pigtail allows light signal transmission with minimal return loss and low attenuation. Make sure your network is reinforced with OMC’s fiber pigtails, as ours are manufactured of superior quality materials.
This 9/125 OS2 single mode fiber optic cable is ideal for connecting 1G/10G/40G/100G/400G Ethernet connections. It can transport data for up to 10km at 1310nm, or up to 40km at 1550nm.


Products Materials

Items Description
Number of fiber 1F
Fiber type G657A2
Loose Buffer Material PVC
Diameter 0.9±0.05mm
Strength member Material Kevlar yarn and E-glass yarn

Inner sheath

Material LSZH
Color White
Diameter 2.8-2.95mm

Outer sheath

Material LSZH
Color Black
Diameter 5.0±0.2mm
Cable weight 25.5kg/km
Installation Temperature range(℃) -10+60
Operation and transport temperature(℃) -20+70
Min Bending Radius(mm) Long term 10D
Min Bending Radius(mm) Short term 20D
Min allowable Tensile Strength(N) Long term 100
Min allowable Tensile Strength(N) Short term 350
Crush Load (N/100mm) Long term 100
Crush Load (N/100mm) short term 500



Optical Specifications

Connector SC Polish APC
Fiber Mode 9/125μm, G657A2 Jacket Color Black

Cable OD







Cable Structure Simplex Jacket Material LSZH

Insertion loss


≤0.3dB(IEC Grade C)


Crush Resistance (N/100mm)


Long term 100; short term:500


Return loss


SM APC  60dB(min)

Interchangeability &Vibration  



Tensile Strength


Long term 100; short term:350  

Opera- tion&Storage tem-





Polishing Method


End-face Quality (SM)

Zone Range (μm) Scratches Defects Reference
A: Core 0 to 25 None None IEC 61300-3-
B: Cladding 25 to 115 None None
C: Adhesive 115 to 135 None None
D:Contact None None
E:Rest of ferrule None None


Length Tolerance


Overall Length(L) (m) length of tolerance (cm)
0<L<1 +5/-0
1<L<10 +10/-0
10<L<40 +15/-0
40<L +0.5% x L/-0


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