Take you to understand MTP fiber optic connector

What is MTP fiber optic connector?

MTP fiber optic connector (Multi-optical Termination Push-on) is a standardized connector for multi-fiber cables. The MTP fiber optic connector was developed by US Conec. Each connector supports up to 24 optical fibers. The MTP fiber optic connector is an improved version of the MPO fiber optic connector in terms of attenuation and reflection, with the same form-factor and multiplex push-pul coupling type.

mtp fiber optic connector

MPO fiber optic connector can experience degradation over time and load, compromising the transmission of high-performance signals. MTP fiber optic connector reduces insertion loss. Under temperature fluctuations caused by large traffic, the insertion loss does not change much and maintains a safe and reliable connection. MTP fiber optic connector fully comply with MPO standards and are therefore backward compatible with MPO related products


Why Choose MTP fiber optic connector?

MTP fiber optic connector significantly reduce insertion loss during connector mating. It enables fiber optic networks to operate more efficiently, especially at the high data transfer rates of 40G and 100G. Therefore, MTP fiber optic connector is the best connector to use in environments that require the absolute best performance available today.


What is MTP fiber optic connector polarity?

MTP fiber optic connector polarity refers to the order and sequence of the internal fiber optic strands and their location within the connector to which they terminate. The polarity of an MTP fiber optic connector determines which strand is used to transmit or receive data, thereby determining its compatibility with network hardware such as fiber optic transceivers, switches, and patch panels. Connector polarity, often referred to as methods A, B, C, and Z, can get quite complicated. MTP 8 and 12 fiber optic cable assemblies have the unique ability to swap polarity from A to B or vice versa. This keeps downtime to a minimum and improves cable reusability when the network is reorganized.

mtp fiber optic connector

MTP fiber optic connector gender and color

Each MTP fiber optic connector is either a pinned (male) or non-pinned (female) type. Fixed position connectors are jacks and removable connectors are plugs. Pin (male) connectors are most commonly used for endpoints. For example, redistribution in fiber patch panels or fiber optic boxes. Our connectors are available in a variety of different colors. These vivid options allow network installers to easily identify the patterns and finishes contained in fiber optic cable assemblies and reduce downtime caused by equipment misconfiguration.

mtp fiber optic connector

How do I clean MTP fiber optic connector?

Fiber cleaning must be done during the manufacturing process of fiber optic connectors or during use of fiber optic connectors, and the same is true for MTP fiber optic connector. The cleaning process for MTP fiber optic connector always goes through three stages: inspection, cleaning and re-inspection. Properly use a microscope to check and make sure there is no dirt on either of the two mating connectors, as once one becomes contaminated, the dirt can migrate to the other connector. Use an MTP fiber optic connector cleaning tool designed specifically for MTP fiber optic connector to clean the end face of the MTP fiber optic connector until contaminants are removed.

mtp fiber optic connector


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