2024 OMC mid-year meeting and team building activities
On this special day, we will have a good time with our colleagues. On the morning of July 20, we finished...
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SC to LC adapter
SC to LC Adapter Solutions for Fiber Optic Network
In the world of fiber optics, uninterrupted and seamless connectivity is considered paramount. Different...
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MPO cable
What is MPO cable and how to use it?
MPO cable consists of MPO connectors and fibers. MPO connectors are available in female (without pins)...
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Quick Splice Connectors
Quick Splice Connectors: Streamlining Fiber Optic Installation
Quick splice connectors have emerged as indispensable tools, revolutionizing the way networks are deployed...
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LC to LC patch cord
How LC to LC Patch Cord can Improve Your Network
In today’s fast-paced digital world, seamless network connectivity is paramount. Data centers,...
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OMC team building
2024 OMC second quarter team building activities
In order to strengthen exchanges and communication between team members and enhance team cohesion and...
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MTP cables
How MTP Cables Can Improve Your Business and Network
Improve Your Business and Network with MTP Cables Data centers are the beating hearts of our digital...
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Fiber Optic Manufacturers
Fiber Optic Manufacturers- OMC’s Proud Tag
Fiber Optic Manufacturers- OMC’s Proud Tag Fiber optic manufacturers should be your first choice. In...
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2024 Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice
Each department: The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, according to the national Dragon Boat Festival holiday...
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fiber splice sleeve
The protecter of optical connection-Fiber Splice Sleeve
What is fiber splice sleeve? Fiber splice sleeve is the accessory used in protecting the connection between...
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