High quality fiber optic splice closure with 16 drop cable ports

High quality fiber optic splice closure with 16 drop cable ports

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High quality fiber optic splice closure with 16 drop cable ports

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Fiber optic splice&splitter Closure, which made of Modified polymer plastic, It is able to hold up to 16/24 subscribers and 96 splicing points as closure. Itis used as a splicing closure and a termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTx network system. It integrates fiber splicing, splitting, distribution, storage and cable connection in one solid protection box.

Features with ruggedness, which is tested under harsh conditions and stand up to even the most severe condition of moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures. Humanized design helps user get better experience and safer operating environment.



  • Dis-mountable adapter panel
  • Support midspan termination
  • Easy operation and installation
  • Rotatable and dis-mountable spice tray for easy splicing
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Model FATC-24A FATC-16A FATC-24B
Adapter 24pcs of SC

16pcs of SC

24pcs of SC

Cable Ports 1 uncut port 1 uncut port 2 round ports 1 uncut port 2 round ports
Applicable cable OD 10-17.5mm 10-17.5mm 8-17.5mm 10-17.5mm 8-17.5mm
Drop cable ports 24 ports 16 ports 24 ports
Applicable cable OD 2x3mm FTTH Drop cable, 2x5mm Figure 8 FTTH drop cable
Dimension 385*245*130mm 385*245*155mm
Material Modified polymer plastic
Color Black
Max Splicing Capacity 96Fibers(4Trays, 24Fibers/Tray)
Applicable Splitter 1pcs of 1×16 PLC splitter or 2pcs of 1×8 PLC splitter

IP Grade

 IP 68
Impact test  K10
Pull Force  100N
Midspan Entry  YES
Storage(Tube/Micro cable)  YES
Net weigth (Kg)  4kg
Gross weigth (Kg)  5kg
Packing 540*410*375mm (4pcs per carton)


  • Wall mounting and pole mounting installation
  • FTTH pre-installation and filed installation
  • 4-7mm cable port suitable for 2x3mm indoor FTTH drop cable and outdoor figure 8 FTTH self-supporting drop cable


More details, please contact cathy@omcftth.com

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