MTRJ Loopback moudle

MTRJ Loopback moudle

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Fiber Optic Loopback modules are also called optical loopback adapters.They are designed for testing, engineering and the burnin stage of boards or other equipment. Optical loopback adapters provide system test engineers a simple but effective way of testing the transmission capability and the receiver sensitivity of network equipment.

Fiber Optic Loopback is provide a media of return patch for a fiber optic signal. Typically it is used for fiber optic testing applications or network restorations.

When used in testing applications, loopback signals are used for diagnosing problems. The best practice is to send a loopback test to network equipment, one at a time for isolating the problem.

Fiber optic loopbacks are designed in a compact footprint. They are compliant with fast Ethernet, fiber channel, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet.


Items Single mode fiber Multimode fiber
Insertion loss(typical) 1.2dB 0.2dB
Insertion loss(Max) 1.5dB 0.7dB
Operating temperature range -40°C to +75°C
Storage temperature range -40°C to +85°C
Repeat Ability < 0.2dB (500 Cycle Passed)
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