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Main Optical distribution frame can be used in the termination and distribution of partial trunk optical cable in FTTX system. This frame is made of top quality steel and deformed aluminum alloy and treated with galvanizing, oxidation and electrostatic plastic spraying. The frame has solid structure and pleasing appearance.

Material: Cold Reduced Electrolytic Tinplate. Body: 1.1mm, front plate 1.5mm


800*400*2000mm (Max capacity: 576cores)

800*450*2000mm (Max capacity: 672cores)

800*450*2200mm(Max capacity: 720cores)


  • 19’ standard installation
  • Full front operation which can be installed against wall, open-design with trough level at the back
  • Complete cable routing design with fiber bend radius over 40mm
  • Modular design and easy installation.
  • Inlet/oulet cable from top or bottom. Max. for 15cables together.
  • Optimal arrangement for patch cords with fiber storage units, there are one trough level for every 96 cores.
  • Suitable for both ribbon and bunch cables.
  • Each splice trays can be clamped with 12FC, SC, ST, LC(Duplex) adapters/30° oblique installation, preventing eyes form harm of laser and ensuring the fiber bending radius.
  • Can be installed with value-added modular unit, such as PLC splitter, WDM etc.
  • Metal, static electric plastic sprayed. Neat appearance, reasonable structure. With cable fixed and protection function; with functions of fiber optic cable terminating;
  • Operation and storage temperature: -25℃ – +55℃
  • Dielectric intensity: ≥3KV(DC)/1minNo breakdown, no arcing
  • Insulation Resistance: ≥1000M&/500V(DC)
  • Shelter plate of fiber bending radius≥40mm


Digital communication room

Optical communication equipment room

Data center

FTTX project

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