Manufacture in China MTP-MTP Trunk Cable 72 Cores for Data Center Solutions

Manufacture in China MTP-MTP Trunk Cable 72 Cores for Data Center Solutions

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MTP trunk cables connect MTP modules together as a permanent link. The trunk cables are available with 12, 24, 48 and 72 fibers, support speeds up to 10/40/100Gbps data center solutions. They are typically adopted to interconnect cassettes, panels or ruggedized MTP fan-outs, and to facilitate rapid deployment of high-density backbone cabling in data centers and other high fiber environments. Besides, MTP also provides much flexibility and convenience once you have to change the connector style in the patch panels. Instead of changing the connector on the cable trunk, just installing a new cassettes with the new connector style on the cross-connect side of the patch panel.


MTP Fiber Trunk Patch cable are terminated with MTP connector on both end. All of OMC’s MTP Connectors are from US Conec. MTP Trunk cable is a kind of high density cable assemblies which is generally use in three areas.

1, The Data Center application with high dense degree environment
2, The optical fiber to the building

3, The internal connector application in fiber equipment.


Pre-terminated MTP Technology-Polarity

The three polarity methods Type A, Type B and Type C are used to guarantee the right bi-directional allocation.

Please Note: When it is connected with two 40G QSFP+ transceivers, please choose the Type B Cross as polarity; when it is connected with other equipment such as MTP LGX Cassette, you can choose any of the polarities as you need.





Low insertion loss, high return loss
MT based Multi-fiber Connector, 36-144 fiber connector terminations and assemblies
Economical solution for mass-termination of fiber
Designed for low loss and standard loss SM and MM applications
Ruggedized round cable, oval cable and bare ribbon options available
Color coded housings available to differentiate fiber type, polish type and/or connector grade
Good in repeatability and exchangeability


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