Horizontal type Fiber Closure-H015

Horizontal type Fiber Closure-H015

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Fiber Optical Splice Closure (FOSC)

FOSC is a device which have function of optical transmission link, providing several of fiber optical cable through, branching and related connecting protection. IP safety rate is IP65-68. Some of them can be installed 1×2:32 PLC splitter or 2X2:16 PLC splitter. The product is excellent in sealing performance, easy for installation, wide application. It’s your best choice for fiber connection.


1. Scope of application

This Installation Manual is suit for the Fiber Optic Splice Closure (Hereafter abbreviated as FOSC), as the guidance of proper installation.

The scope of application is: aerial, underground, wall-mounting, duct-mounting, handhole-mounting. The ambient temperature ranges from -40℃ to +65℃.


2. Basic structure and configuration

2.1 Dimension and capacity

Outside dimension (LxWxH) 460×182×120 (mm)
Weight (excluding outside box) 2300g-2500g
Number of inlet/outlet ports 2 (pieces) on each side (total 4 pieces)
Diameter of fiber cable Φ5—Φ20 (mm)
Capacity of FOSC Bunchy: 12—96(Cores)

Ribbon: max. 288(Cores)


2.2 Main components


Name of components

Quantity Usage Remarks
1 Housing 1 set Protecting fiber cable splices in whole Internal diameter:

460×182×60 (mm)2

Fiber optic splice tray


max. 4 pcs (bunchy)

max.4 pcs  (ribbon)

Fixing heat shrinkable protective sleeve and holding fibersSuitable for:


Bunchy:12,24(cores) Ribbon:6 (pieces)3Foundation1 setFixing reinforced core of fiber- cable and FOST 4Seal fitting1 setSealing between FOSC cover and FOSC bottom 5Port plug2 piecesSealing empty ports 


2.3 Main accessories and special tools

No. Name of accessories Quantity Usage Remarks

Heat shrinkable protective sleeve

Protecting fiber splices

Configuration as per capacity

2 Nylon tie

Fixing fiber with protective coat

Configuration as per capacity

3 Insulation tape 1 roll

Enlarging diameter of fiber  cable for easy fixing

4 Seal tape 1 roll

Enlarging diameter of fiber  cable which fits in with seal fitting

Configuration as per specification

5 Hanging hook 1 set

For aerial use

6 Earthing wire 1 piece

Putting through between earthing devices

Configuration as per requirement
7 Abrasive cloth 1 piece Scratching fiber cable
8 Labeling paper 1 piece Labeling fiber
9 Special wrench 1 pieces Fixing bolts, tightening nut of reinforced core
10 Buffer tube

1 pieceHitched to fibers and fixed with FOST, managing bufferConfiguration as per requirement


3.  Necessary tools for installation

3.1 Supplementary materials (to be provided by operator)

Name of materials Usage
Scotch tape Labeling, temporarily fixing
Ethyl alcohol Cleaning
Gauze Cleaning


3.2 Special tools (to be provided by operator)

Name of tools Usage
Fiber cutter Cutting off fibers
Fiber stripper Strip off protective coat of fiber cable
Combo tools Assembling FOSC


3.3 Universal tools (to be provided by operator)

Name of tools Usage and specification
Band tape Measuring fiber cable
Pipe cutter Cutting fiber cable
Electrical cutter Take off protective coat of fiber cable
Combination pliers Cutting off reinforced core
Screwdriver Crossing/Paralleling screwdriver
Waterproof cover Waterproof, dustproof
Metal wrench Tightening nut of reinforced core


3.4  Splicing and testing instruments (to be provided by operator)

Name of instruments Usage and specification
Fusion Splicing Machine Fiber splicing
OTDR Splicing testing
Provisional splicing tools Provisional testing


Notice: The above-mentioned tools and testing instruments should be provided by the operators themselves.

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