FTTH Single-Armored outdoor drop cable

FTTH Single-Armored outdoor drop cable

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 Single-Armored, FRP Strength Member, LSZH Outdoor FTTH Drop Cable

FTTH duct cables are made for connecting user’s devices with outdoor feeder cable, especially suitable for duct installation. The optical fiber unit is located in the center. The two parallel FRP strength members improve the tensile strength. With the LSZH (LSZH, Low smoke, Zero halogen) material jacket, this cable has good flame retardant performance. Water blocking tape & AL-plastic tape provide good water proof ability. Flame-retardant, FRP Strength Member, Double-Jacket Armored Cable can be used in aerial and duct access cabling in FTTH


  • Soft and flexible, good bending performance
  • Water-proof tape prevent the ingression of water into the cable
  • AL-plastic tape makes the cable crush resistant and moisture proof
  • FRP strength member improves the tensile strength, LSZH flame-retardant inner and outer jacket has good flame retardant performance
  • Special low-bend-sensitivity fiber provides high bandwidth and excellent communication transmission property
  • Simple structure, light weight and high practicability
  • Novel flute design, easily strip and splice, simplify the installation and maintenance


Cable Fibers Cable Size(mm) Cable Wt(kg/km) Tensile strengthLong/short term(N) Crush Strength(N/100m) Banding RadiusStatic/Dynamic (mm)
GJYXFCH -1 1 7.3±0.2 42 40/80 2000 15/30
GJYXFCH -2 2 7.3±0.2 42 40/80 2000 15/30

Storage Temp: -40°C ~+60°C

Other fibers please contact our sales representative.


  • Used in aerial and duct access cabling
  • Can be installed in small bending environment
  • Suitable for the connection between indoor and outdoor
  • Specially used where good insulation performance are expected



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