OM3 Armored Duplex LC-LC patch cord

OM3 Armored Duplex  LC-LC patch cord

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OM3 Armored Duplex LC – LC fiber optic patch cables 3m 3.0mm LSZH high tensile strength ,  rodent-resistant

Armored fiber optic Patch cordis assembled by a cable with soft helical stainless steel tape over a buffered tight cable and standard connector. Its rugged shell with steel and Kevlar is stronger than common fiber optic cable. Those products could protect the fiber bite by mouse and ant and has a higher rated range of operating temperature. Although this cable contains metal, it is still light weight and flexible with about an 8 inch bend radius. They can be bending randomly without being broken.

It could be used as cooper patch cable. The apply place are in the floor corner. Armored fiber optic patch cable is specifically designed for customer premises, central offices and indoor harsh environments or heavy traffic areas which require extra protection.

Products info

Item Simplex Duplex Multifibers
Fiber count 1 2 4-48
Tight buffer OD 0.6mm/0.9mm 0.6mm/0.9mm 0.25mm/0.6mm/0.9mm
Out jacket OD 2.0mm/3.0mm 2.0mm/3.0mm/3.3mm 3.0-15mm


Connector LC to LC Jacket OD 3.0mm
Fiber Mode 9/125μm Jacket Color Aqua
Polish PC to PC Wavelength 850nm
Fiber Type G651 OM3 50/125 Jacket Material LSZH
Insertion loss ≤0.3dB Interchangeability ≤0.2dB
Return loss ≥50dB Vibration ≤0.2dB
Operating temperature -40~75°C Storage temperature -45~85°C
Max Tensile Strength(N) Short term 300NLong term 200N Max Crush resistance (N/100mm) Short term 3000NLong term 2000N


Geometric Specification (only for 3D interferometer tested)

Test items Connectors PC End-face APC End-face
Radius of Curvature SC/FC/ST 10~25 mm 5~12 mm
LC/MU 7~25 mm 5~15 mm
Apex Offset ≤50 um
Fiber Spherical Height +/- 50 nm
Angular Offset —— 8°± 0.2°

CUSTOM option

OM3 Armored patch cable.JPG

OMC also provides a full set of OEM services, such as fiber connector, length, color, fiber grade, specification, material, package etc.

Physical Information


Length tolerance: 0-5M: +5cm/-0cm ; 5-100m:+10cm/-0cm


Packaging & Labeling

OM3 Armored patch cord LC.JPG


This easy to take and well-protected fiber optical cable package has been labelled and marked by OMC as default.

Benefits of Armoured Fiber Patch Cable

OM3 Armored LC-LC.jpg

Common fiber optic cable is fragile, which needs to be protected, especially when in harsh applications where cables could be compromised by rodents, constant wear and tear or weather damage. Armored fiber patch cable retains all the features of standard fiber cable but is much stronger due to its extra layers of armor. With the protection of flexible and durable steel tube, armored fiber patch cable will ensure the excellent operation of your network.


Ideal for harsh installation conditions that require exceptional durability.It is used as interconnection or cross connection in data center. It is aiso used in ceiling, corridor and other harsh environment.


How to Choose The Right Fiber Optic Cable Type?

PS:The difference of OM4 and OM3 fiber mode as the following
1. OM4 was developed specifically for VSCEL laser transmission and allows 10 Gig / second link distances of up to 550 Meters (compared to 300M with OM3).
2. The effective modal bandwidth for OM4 is more than double that of OM3.
3. For OM4 patch cable it is 4700 while for OM3 it is 2000

Designation Fiber Dia.(μm) Type Fast Ethernet 100BASE-FX 1 Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-SX 1 Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-LX 10Gbps Ethernet 10GBASE 40Gbps Ethernet 40GBASE SR4 100Gbps Ethernet 100GBASE SR4
OM1 62.5/125 Multimode 2000 Meters 275 Meters 550 Meters 33 Meters Not supported Not supported
OM2 50/125 Multimode 2000 Meters 550 Meters 550 Meters 82 Meters Not supported Not supported
OM3(Laser Optimized) 50/125 Multimode 2000 Meters 550 Meters 550 Meters 300 Meters 100 Meters(SR4) 100 Meters(SR4)
OM4(Laser Optimized) 50/125 Multimode 2000 Meters 550 Meters 550 Meters 400 Meters 150 Meters(SR4) 150 Meters(SR4)
Singlemode 9/125 Singlemode 2000 Meters 5km at 1310nm 5km at 1310nm 10km at 1310nm N/A N/A
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