Dual Cable Pigtail SC/UPC+SC/APC SM Duplex 3.0mm LSZH

Dual Cable Pigtail SC/UPC+SC/APC SM Duplex 3.0mm LSZH

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Dual Cable Pigtail SC/UPC+SC/APC SM Duplex 3.0mm LSZH


Pigtails are used for splice applications when terminating outside plant cable. It’s consists of a connector and a

special length of fiber cable. Meets Telcordia GR-326 Core and ROHS requirements. All of OMC pigtails are

factory inspected and tested, with available interferometer data upon request. 



Ø  The connector could be SC, FC, LC, ST, MU, E2000 etc.

Ø  The cable could be G652D, G655, G657, OM1, OM2, OM3 etc.

Ø  The cable size could be 0.6,0.9,1.2,1.6,1.8,2.0,2.4,2.8mm etc

Ø  There are 12 colors for your option.

Ø  Both 250um and 900um is same colored, easy to identify and make right splice.

Ø  Tight buffer, semi-tight buffer. Loose buffer are available


Application: ODF, ODN system, Termination box,FTTH

Optical Specification







Insertion Loss(max)




Return Loss(min)

≥50 dB

≥35 dB

≥60 dB

Tensile Strength



<0.20 dB typical change, 1000 matings



Storage , Operating Temperature [°C]



Geometric Specification (only for 3D interferometer tested)



PC End-face

APC End-face

Radius of Curvature


10~25 mm

5~12 mm


7~25 mm

5~15 mm

Apex Offset

50 um

Fiber Spherical Height

+/- 50 nm

Angular Offset


8°± 0.2°

Ø  Clean and Scratch-Free End Face

Ø  Proportional geometric test is applied to the normal production.

Ø  100% interferometer check is available under special requirement.


 Physical Information


Length tolerance: 0-5M: +5cm/-0cm ;  5-100m:+10cm/-0cm


Two Important Methods for Fiber Optic Pigtail Splicing

Fiber optic pigtail assemblies are utilized in terminating fiber optic cables via fusion or mechanical splicing.

Pigtail splice method.jpgForPigtail's types.jpg


For more info, pls contact amanda@omcftth.com

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