Cassette Type Fiber Optic Cleaner

Cassette Type Fiber Optic Cleaner

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Fiber Optic Cassette Cleaner for LC/SC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN Connector (500 cleans)

Fiber Optic Cassette Cleaner is an essential accessory to maintain and guarantee good quality of fiber optic connection. It is a high performance non-alcohol cleaner designed specifically to clean fibre end faces of any male fibre connector. Using a superfine textile tape, it easily and efficiently cleans the fibre end face without nicking or scratching the surface or leaving alcohol bloom in order to maintain good quality optical connections. Cassette tapes are available for replacement after 500+ cleaning operations to ensure low cleaning cost.

Why Should We Clean the Connectors?

Research has shown over 85% of fiber optic network failures in data centers, campus, and other optical communication facilities are caused by contamination on the optical connector end face.

For best optical performance, it is imperative that all optical fiber connections are clean and free of contaminants. Fiber optic cleaning products is being highly recommended as a kind of very important tool for electrical manufactures. One of the most basic and important procedures for the maintenance of fiber optic systems is to clean the fiber optic equipment.

OMC’s fiber optic connector cleaner is designed to effectively and quickly clean connector end faces, both the unmated patch cord and through the adapter. It cleans the ferrule end faces removing dust, oil, and other debris without nicking or scratching the end face. It is very easy to use and suitable for LC/SC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN/MPO/MTP connectors.


● Ferrule: φ2.5mm φ1.25mm

● Cleans per reel over 500 times

● Connectors cleaned : LC/SC/FC/ST/MU/D4/DIN/MPO without pins/MTP without pins/MT-RJ without pins,

● Dimension (W *H * D )mm :130 × 75 × 40;Weight (g) 200g


● Suitable for cleaning tasks in factories and field applications

● Environmentally friendly

● Achieve high quality cleaning without alcohol or other solvents.

● The cleaning tape is replaceable thus reducing the long term costs

● This is an ideal tool for use when the connector face is available to you for cleaning

● Specifically designed to clean ST,SC,FC,SMA,D4,DIN and Diamond connector end-faces


Why we should clean the ferrule?

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