900um Buffered Optical fiber cable

900um Buffered Optical fiber cable

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Buffered Optical fiber cable

Buffered fiber is produced as the fiber is sheathed by buffer material. The selection of Top-quality fiber, specific production equipment and accurately designed die make the best performance of product.


  • Select quality fiber to ensure excellent transmission performance
  • Adopt strict process and raw materials control to guarantee the lifespan of 15 years
  • Good uniformity of the diameter of buffer fiber and excellent strip ability.
  • Good performance of flame-retardant. Small bending radius.
  • Excellent mechanical and environmental performance.
  • Colored bare fiber is available


Fiber Type G652D,G655,G656,G657,OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4
Buffered type Tight buffer, Semi-tight buffer, Loose buffer
OD(um)  600,900
Min Bending Radius Dynamic 20D; Static 10D(expect G657)
Coating color 12 colors available, Both 250um and 900um same colored
Temperature range PVC: -20°C ~+90°C ;LSZH:-20°C ~+70°C










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