3M VF45 GGP fiber patch cord/patch cable/jumper

3M VF45 GGP fiber patch cord/patch cable/jumper

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About the fiber for VF 45 patch cord-3M GGP fiber

3M Volition VF-45 Patch Cords use the excellent reliability and ruggedness of 3M glass/glass/polymer (GGP) fiber optic cable which is ideal for applications requiring tight bends, durability and dependability. The cable used to make Volition patch cords is grade index multimode optical fiber with 10um glass cladding diameter and 125um polymer coating diameter. The polymer is a tough permanent coating, which provides improved strength and bends resistance. The static fatigue parameter is a 50% improvement over standard life. This High strength fiber is fully compatible and intermatable with standard glass fiber.

About the VF-45 Patch cord

All VF45 patch cords are constructed with the innovative 3M “GGP” high-strength coated optical fiber, providing enhanced durability under tight bend radius conditions.

VF-45 Fiber Optic Patch Cord is designed by 3M and features plug and jack design without the need to adapters. VF-45 plug is inserted into the socket (jack) at a 45-degree angle, pressing a pair of fibers into V-grooves inside the socket. This design of VF-45 Connector eliminates the need for expensive ferrules thus reduce connector costs.

OMC’s VF-45 patch cords are provided in a variety of lengths and are also available in hybrid LC,SC,FC,ST,MTRJ configurations.


VF-45 Connector is half the size of the SC Connector
Minimum space required when mounted in telecom enclosure or other racks
VF-45 Optical Connector works on standard 62.5µm or 50µm multimode fiber
Tested to TIA and IEC performance specifications

RJ-45 style latch for ease of use and familiarity
RoHS compliant for all VF-45 connector material

Interconnect socket (field terminated)
Wall outlets and faceplates
Termination and cleaning kits
Test equipment

Technical Data





Insertion Loss


Return Loss

≥50 dB (SM PC),≥35 dB (MM PC)




0.2dB Max. 1000 mattings

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


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