SC Fiber Fusion-on Connector

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Fiber hot melt type Fast connector  is a fusion splice on connector for 2mm and 3mm Round cable and 2.0*3.0 Bow type FTTH drop cable. Melting type fusion splice on connector uses mature melting technology, and transfers the traditional melting point from the Fiber Splice box or melting modular part to the inside of the connector.



  • Low insertion loss and back reflection loss
  • Ferrule end surface predoomed
  • Precision anti-rotation key and corrosion resistant body UL-rated plastic housing
  • Boots in a variety of colors
  • Telcordia style boots
  • Free-floating ceramic ferrule


Item Description
Cable Diameter 2.0/3.0mm or 3.0×2 drop cable
Insertion loss PC≤0.3dB,UPC≤0.2dB,APC≤0.2dB
Return los PC≥40dB,UPC≥50dB,APC≥60dB
Repeatability <0.1dB(1000times)
Interchangeability <0.2dB
Tensile strength 60N(6KGS)
Working temperature -40℃-+80℃




Active device termination Telecommunication networks Metro

Local Area Networks (LANs) Data processing networks Test equipment

Premise installation

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

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