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This portable optical power meter with red light source is an accurate portable instrument with long service time specially designed for the installation, operation and maintenance of fiber-optical network. It features fine appearance, controllable backlight display, automatic power off, supper wide testing range for optical power, high accuracy, self-calibration and universal interface. What’s more, the linearity index(mW) and nonlinear index (dBm) will be displayed in a same screen. The optical power meter can be used alone for saving power.



  • The optical power meter with red light of 10mW or 1mW features open self-calibration which could be operated by the user.
  • With two AA batteries, the optical power meter can work continuously for 40 hours. It can work continuously if working with a red light source of 10mW, or 42 hours with a red light source of 1mW.
  • the linearity index(mW) and nonlinear index (dBm) will be displayed on the same screen of the optical power meter.
  • Special universal interface for FC/SC/ST, easy to transformation.
  • Optional auto off.
  • Optional backlight display.
  • Optional steady/flashing red light.


Measurable range -70~+10dbm
Probe type InGaAs
Wavelength range 800~1700nm
Standard wavelength(nm) 850、980、1300、1310、1490、1550、1625
Display resolution linear display: 0.1% logarithmic display: 0.01dBm
Working temperature(℃) -10~+60℃
Storage temperature(℃) -25~+70℃
Time for auto off(min) 10 minutes
Continuous working time with batteries No less than 40 hours
Boundary dimension(mm) 180×83×28
Power supply Two chargeable lithium battery or AA alkaline battery
Weight(g) 210g
Suffix of the model &1 &10
Output power of the red light >1mW >10mW
Output wavelength of the red light 650nm
Optical fiber adapter of the red light Universal adapter
Service life of the battery >42 hours >13 hours >10 hours

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