MU Connector

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The MU connector was developed by NTT. MU fiber connector is with square shape and push-pull mating mechanism. The MU Connector looks a miniature SC with a 1.25 mm ferrule. It has the same push/pull style, but can fit 2 channels in the same Footprint of a single SC. So MU is a small form factor SC. MU fiber connector represent the trend of the new generation fiber connectors to be smaller, thus they could fit for dense installations.

OMC manufactures many sorts of fiber connectors. Such as SC,LC,ST,FC,MU,MTRJ,E2000 ,MPO,MTP,SMA,DIN,D4 etc.



  • High-Density Package
  • High-Optical Performance
  • NTT Compatible
  • TIA-604 Compliant
  • Push-Pull Type Operation
  • Small Size and Lightweight
  • Telecordia GR-326 Qualified


Products Details

Fiber Connector MUC Ceramic Material Zirconia Ceramic
Housing SM:Brown

APC: Green


Boot Size 0.9mm,



Operating Temp Range -40~80°C Boot color SM: Blue

APC: Green

Suit Cable 0.6-2.0mm OD cable Available for Not assembled Multi-Piece

Pre-assembled one piece


Environmental Performance

Operating Environment: -40°C ~ + 80°C

Meets UL94-V0 Flammability Requirements

ROHS compliant


Optical Performance

Meets Telcordia GR-326-Core issue

IL(Typical):SM<0.3dB; MM <0.3dB:

RL(Typical):SM >50dB; MM >35dB:


Mechanical Performance:

Connection Durability: 500 Matings cycles

Connector Repeatability: MM<0.2dB; SM <0.1dB



High-Density DWDM


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Broadband Networks

Data Centers

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