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Wiper is an entangled nonwoven fabric with a 100% viscose composition. This kind of wipe paper is designed for cleaning high temperature process equipment and sensitive electronic equipment in cleanroom environment and is used extensively in the precision optical instrument. It is very soft and scratching-free and does not contain binders and chemical additives.


Products Details

Part NoCRW-3CRW-2CRW-1
Specification4’X4′(101.6×101.6±5mm )9’X9′(228×228±5mm)4.4’X8.4′(110×210±5mm )
Thickness:0.26±0.05mm0.33±0.05mmFrom KIMTECH’s Kimwipes
MaterialWooden plasma:44%;Polyester:56%Cellulose 55% Polyester45%From KIMTECH’s Kimwipes
Packaging100 pcs/set300 pcs/set280 pcs/set

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