CS Patch cord

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High Quality and Cost-effective SM, 2F CS-CS Fiber Patch Cord

Senko’s new CS connector is specifically designed for Data Centre 400G optimization. To accommodate the “lightspeed” upgrades currently taking place in hyperscale DCs, the reduced size CS Connector is not only capable of delivering low insertion and high return loss comparable to existing LC connectors, but with significantly reduced footprint.


The CS connector is a miniature single-position plug which is characterized by duo cylindrical, spring-loaded butting

ferrule(s) of a 1.25 mm typical diameter, and a push-pull coupling mechanism. The optical alignment mechanism of the connectors is a rigid bore sleeve or a resilient sleeve.


The CS connector meets the requirement for 2x100G/200G CWDM4 transceivers requiring two pairs of TX/RX. Our CS Cable Assembly support next-generation 200/400 Gbps QSFP-DD and OSFP transceivers with optimized performance.


OMC’s Patch cables are manufactured and tested in compliance with TIA 604 (FOCIS), IEC 61754 and YD/T industry standards. OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5 or OS2 fiber types to meet the demand of Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit

Ethernet and high speed Fiber Channel. Every termination through rigorous parameter test to ensure the highest in network performance.


Insertion loss ≤0.25dB Mean (Standard) Interchangeability ≤0.2dB

Return loss

SM UPC≥50dB SM APC≥60dB MM PC≥35dB  





Operating temperature




Maximum pulling force

6N(900um cable) 70N(2.0mm cable) 100N(3.0mm cable)


Geometric Specification (only for 3D interferometer tested)

 Items  Connector PC End-face APC End-face
ROC CS 7~25 mm 5~15 mm
Apex Offset ≤50 um
Fiber Spherical Height +/- 100 nm
Angular Offset        —— 8°± 0.5°


End-face Quality (SM UPC)

Zone Range (μm) Scratches Defects Reference
A: Core 0 to 25 None None  


IEC 61300-3-


B: Cladding 25 to 115 None None
C: Adhesive 115 to 135 None None
D: Contact 135 to 250 None None
E: Rest of ferrule None None


Length Tolerance

Overall Length(L)(m) length of tolerance(cm)
0<L<1 +5/-0
1<L<10 +10/-0
10<L<40 +15/-0
40<L +0.5% x L/-0




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