16 Cores FDB - 16C - 1 Fiber Optic Distribution Box 16 Cores FDB - 16C - 1 Fiber Optic Distribution Box

Product Name : 16 Cores FDB - 16C - 1 Fiber Distribution Box Material : PC+ABS Size(L*W*H) : 303x236x109mm Numbers of Adapter : 16 pcs SC/UPC or SC/APC

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Fiber Distribution box (FDB), known as optical Distribution box (ODB) as well, is a compact fiber management product of small size. It is widely adopted in FTTx cabling for both fiber cabling , provides the connection between fiber optic cables and passive optical splitters .

Fiber Distribution box contains the shell, the internals (supporting frame, set fiber disc, fixing device) and optical fiber joint protective element. Prominent advantages of fiber termination box lie in efficient cable-fixing, welding and its protective role in machinery of the optical fiber.

A insulation is always demanded between cable metal components and cable Distribution box shell in a fiber termina- tion box, which provides space for cable terminal and remained fiber storage. In addition, fiber Distribution box also facilitate the installation of different occasions since it is easy to access, which turns out to be time and cost saving.

OMC's FDB Fmaily

OMC mainly offer The wall mount fiber Distribution boxes are designed for either pre-connectorized cables, field in- stallation of connectors, or field splicing of pigtails. They offer an ideal solution for building entrance terminals, tele- communication closets, main cross-connects, computer rooms and other controlled environments.




Max Capacity

Numbers of Adapter








Splice 16/32 Fibers

PLC Splitter 1pcs of 1x8(SC)


16 pcs SC/UPC or SC/APC




Light Grey

Standard Accessories

Installation nuts, Splice sleeves,Plastic key

Working Environmental conditions:

1. Working temperature:-40°C+60°C;

2. Relative humidity: ≤93%(at +40°C);

3. Atmospheric pressure:62kpa~101kpa(Approximate elevation 0~5000m);

4. Insert Loss:≤0.35dB;

5. Return Loss:≥50 dB;

6. Plug durability:>1000 times;

7. Insulation resistance:≥1000MΩ/500v(DC);

8 Grounding resistance : >3000V (DC)/1min without breakdown, flashover

Fiber Distribution Box Application

FDB series are applicable in FTTH project and suitable for outdoor application. They can distribute cables with a splitter. They have the subsequent functions of mechanical splice, fusion splice, distributions, etc.

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